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Теория и пошаговая программа построения как всегда не равного, но впервые в истории справедливого общества которое устроит ВСЕХ

Любой честный проект строится по схеме: Цель; Ресурсы; Почему; Что; Как; Доказательства и все это в сути не более чем на одну/две страницы +...

Nothing is eternal, in front of the era and the end of capitalism / socialism away from the planet. In the near future, only two options, one-NOT LIKE seven billion people ... "Theory of the Just World (Cass)" is not philosophy, reasoning and join the program of action for the entire planet single party that the power struggle will not, but either quickly and evolutionary "win" for all people in the world or not.

original in Russian HERE (text in links but one *** (about a program of action) is not translated into English, may have read, you do run the translation of what you think is interesting or pay for this work to translators.
Before our civilization now faces two major issues:
1 Is it possible to find several billion "this $", without which the world will soon collapse pyramid scheme, and with it the entire Western project of the "golden billion".
2 Is it possible to change the nature of man, in which along with the good, full of shit: cruelty, greed, envy .. the desire to finish strong as he weakened.
  When you save the world in which we live the last few thousand years, simple answer to the first and the second question is no. In today's single and nuclear world, it means that all of us have to live from 3 to 15 years ...
The theory of a just society (CASS) is very simple and short, it is presented in a concise form a large work, which has to come from because the others are running as they can, so as not to respond to a couple of major issues and not believing that the sky, mind, God , call it more familiar to us and our children, closed all the doors to the future, leaving only one in the nuclear furnace ....
Theory and program of action, brought the entire page, it is in the middle of the article in italics, (link here), all the rest, and articles detailing progress, what to find in the world of a thousand "broken guys / girls with brains and eggs" and "what a trillion $ ", the creation of all the earth alternative" button first. " That little "razdurachiv World", money and people to help you find until it's too late ...
  For "syllable" Judge not, that is only important essence of any living their last years on earth, when the wrapper is more important than the content, if able to do better for his own benefit, do it.
  In order to understand and possibly adopt Cassie, I ask you to answer yourself honestly, that of the surrounding, you really need? how many of you know is involved in the development, creation and sale of a "simple" product, without which can not live without: food, clothing, housing "without feathers", as well as things that we really need in the modern world: communications, computers, tractors, medication ... but just the same "without feathers-Ponty." If you type "courage", you will see that it is necessary not much, and people are busy, very, very small, perhaps in the near circle you can not even find a single .., then they probably are very rich and honorable, then you do not, now you can start reading on ...
In regardless of our will, in the coming years on earth, there is a change which did not know the people. The fact that we are only part of the larger world, where there are the same laws, so when the time came, (there were developed the necessary technology) was developed not simple, and civilizational crisis, the outcome of which will occur in the coming years, but the passage point of no return, yet all fixable!
The theory and program of the party just world, (which is fair, not равный-утопический/демократический in the world of living men by nature are not equal), are structured on a single statement, in each person sits, a scoundrel and saint, and more ... the circumstances!, by 2010. circumstances have changed for all, only by inertia, we do not notice it ... and yet
We do not understand quite simple: the current well-being, those who are lucky enough to be born and to live the "golden billion", (by the way of just one person out of seven), not built on the difference in the abilities of the people, "and in the sand" - the world's financial pyramid .. . entered the stage of destruction. They always break down the same way, through the chaos in the nuclear world means - P. .., so everybody's life now hangs in the balance, but processed, sophisticated propaganda, we hid his head in the sand and can not realize that "demolished" sticking butt , is also lethal, but it is in contrast to the head can not think and act until all fixable ...
Given the cost of propaganda to convince someone, does not solve the problem, but we can find the "doubters" and together with them, throwing a cry throughout the land, to find those who "happened" to understand what is happening and most importantly ready to act.
Running around in circles, with the carrot suspended from the nose (and let someone rushes for diamond), all is not enough time and money, but a few minutes or a few $ you can find anyone that would try to save his life!
  Unfortunately, most of the read "not all" understand in a magazine and ... no money for "funny" party, he will not, or work on it (you) will not, but once the magazine party Cassie to you somehow ended up in this case, please, please at least throw off "on occasion", a reference it to their friends http://www.casocialism.com/. In the "good" movie "Trees", which we almost stopped doing, with boundless resources, including by talented people, "Timur Bekmambetov and his team" clearly showed six handshakes all people know each other ... and is not that we are hopeless. Like the film, while it seems Just World Christmas story-but ... Send this site, you definitely will not be worse, "hit" quite openly take over, and if the guy on the occasion of the fiftieth "rising from PTUshnika-up an independent, after the engineer, industrialist, MP, raiding and needy, speculator, politics not miscalculated ... "The Santa Claus count, and those who help themselves ..."
Not specifically, but again, Peter, but this time without cheating and blood.
Igor Liashenko

The most important thing to understand and Actions wrote two articles expected for different people:
1. If you are "simple" people, read: 'Just World (Cass), for "chaynikof" click here
     1.1 Separately described a program of action of ordinary people, she's here
2. If you were able to succeed in doing that, that is become elite in the proper sense of the word, see: "civilizational crisis and business proposals, held the people of the country and the world" clik here 
     2.2 Separately described Motivation, Goal-Task-Resources (program instructions evolutionary party), it is here!

Below is just a page just world theory
Capitalism + Socialism = KASotsializm * (CAS Justice) * Simplified

Simple, short available for any level of theory, consists of goals and three sections - WHY ambulances inevitable change that we are waiting for change, how to get the right people to change, written below in italics + small amount of auxiliary materials
 The purpose of the theory and the project in general Cassius: Each participant: In view of the unfolding crisis of civilization with the finale in the coming years is to do everything possible that would save his inner circle, the rest of derivatives ...

Full mobilization of all the planet's resources available to people
1 How to do
(This section is the foundation, understanding disease, there is a chance to cope with it)
Once upon a time ... the most intelligent of there the "elites" thought and thought how to live to grieve, no way to "slave" and not answering ... came up with: The State, the bureaucracy and propaganda (media) ... But these "notions" is not what many would have cost without the mechanism that worked like a Swiss watch thousands of years: "Propaganda" durila people, officials, hanging noodles on the ears of the people, in the interests of elites (themselves, without hurting), collecting taxes .. ., gaining commitments that no one, not when I was not going to perform, and when the time comes to pay, "creditors" to the sound of drums and singing patriotic slogans, One-two were sent to war or revolution. Beauty .., in "Jubilee", in its sole and regular cancellation of obligations was the main thing. And that would not be bored with life and it is absolutely all obviously the same Transitional bureaucratic Storey, in the "books" were divided into three and a half: slave, feudal, capitalist and socialist apendiks. In which, changed only production-distribution technology, but the world was divided into irresponsible elites, as well bezotvetsvennuyu bureaucracy and always lives paying for their "innocence" slaves. People do not change anything or do not learn, but the technology is developing so that when States have complied with the historical role assigned to them, (the mechanism of quantitative development of civilization), the yard began to slowly unfold not just another cyclical and civilization crisis. First we saw the summer lightning in 2008, which temporarily filled "powder" are in a lot of paper money, but there are no miracles, the wheel of history, people did not stop in the power and the crisis in 3/15 years, the change will inevitably end socio-economic system on the planet. Society will once again be fair, the only question is how the whole, for the survivors of the primitive "lucky" or highly developed of all the living.
 This is inevitable because, in a bureaucratic way of life there is no way to "dissolve" the enormous amount of debt accumulated by the modern state, in the interests of their creators and simply lowered to show off, and in nuclear, one world, the powers that be, can not be applied only "antiquated "mechanism that worked in such cases for thousands of years.
 A bit more: Appetite comes with eating, and this time it is necessary to write off the second but little .. that had not pelted with eggs, only hint: the number of zeros in front of fourteen and no one (if we believe all is fair in view of including pension obligations ) Well, to hell with what other people say, debts, horseradish, but not quite. Any financial pyramid, lives by the same laws and if not promptly remove the creditors, then the way down is always an avalanche.
The peak of the global financial pyramid is passed, the number of months before the collapse depends Luckiness puppeteers (this may stretch even for 8-12 years, but without any exaggeration, "luck could end up" in the next month), and after the collapse of the end will come around zapadnamu project (western civilization) in the "golden billion" Most of the people will be unemployed, social networks, pensions and faith .... and then the barbarians "will rush to Rome" .....
As a result, access to nuclear weapons would be virtually any ... Then do not need to be a prophet to understand that, in the cracks and shelters will remain a matter of thousands or millions of "lucky" on the planet. Please note, a nuclear war, none of the elites will not start at the top of the fools no, but ... his majesty chaos ... Maybe you have not forgotten his student times that number of flying nuclear stuff is calculated as a multiple of the destruction of all life on earth, and a map of the nuclear power plants of only one "little" accident at Chernobyl, all is not forgotten?
In the situation that prevailed in 2010 AD On earth, nor a change of persons, or even a change of elites, did not bring ...
2 What can happen.
Depending on the chosen, the highest level of the elites on the ground, the script and do not depend on someone specific set of coincidences, there are two main options for the future on the planet (third interim it is not considered here and in it for the 99.999% of people do not have anything good) .
- If left as is, or try to limit cosmetic measures, collapse is inevitable and the lucky survivors return to the primitive society, he well described in textbooks of primary classes should not be repeated.
- If the gain of "reason" and rebuild the foundation of relations between people, is not guaranteed, but it is possible the second option: building, highly communal system, "Justice banks" on the planet.
This is a socio-economic system in which the fastest, but in an evolutionary way, by the highest elites "are under an ultimatum," the entire planet eliminated bureaucracy as the primary cause of education mismatch of social control, the level of technological development of the society and eliminated millions of nowhere working laws (if talk about the interests of ordinary people.) Which leads to the natural note of two hundred states, into one.
 But there will be no any anarchy, Cass rather dictatorship, because the "abandonment" is replaced by only one, but hard work for all of the law: every person on earth can do anything ... BUT, if the "total permissible" wittingly or unwittingly (no difference) caused damage to another person, the victim, the perpetrator, compensates for the damage at once and all that there is, including life. This law "is supported by" modern technology: permanent, on-line balance and control video for every person, where that person was not on the planet.
  You can write even shorter: "Just Peace", is a system in which the external quite effective (for most), expensive and corrupt, control people's lives, replaced by an internal, low-cost, efficient and incorruptible ...
 Thereby unleashing positive potential inherent in every person and linking negative we always remove the canopy and the cause of death of his education, and at the "unsealing" free and unlimited (in today's sense) of the hydrogen energy provides the opportunity for anyone, no matter where he lived on the ground, "too much straining to" earn without taking from another, on a piece of bread and butter, and if there is a sharpened ability to creation and the desire to "work hard", then to make caviar will be no problems, and importantly all that work without any "stuck and kuraorov" will be yours. Thus the earth for thousands of years to establish unequal but equitable world, without criminals and without war, the poor and the serious illness in which people engaged in business which have the ability, without showing off and stress live to be a hundred years old, with all that a person needs reasonable. Including his home, where typically each have a loving and beloved half and a lot of kids, which no one in the world, no problem, to feed, to educate, to bring in people!
 Difference in people's lives will certainly be, but these differences are at times, at the poles in the dozens of times, and not millions of times as it is now and, most importantly, that these differences will be determined by charged everyone to the creation and not transfer any other way than how both through genes.
 This is not a fairy tale, the level of development of the technology to do this already allows, the only question is the level of preparedness of our social development ...
3 How to do?
Program of building not just another utopia, and real justice in this society is built on a completely different time principle, not only is he this is not revolutionary, because he is not cheating and second floor. And to begin to have a single party on the planet "ridiculous" the party of common sense, which usually people will come with all of our "sins" but who understand or at the level of intuition chuvstvuyuya what unfolds in the court of the crisis will not steal. In this game the goal is not coming to power, and the search and initial association (if you want to test) of the people on the occasion proved to be "sober" to befuddle the world. You can trust in the first stage are great resources, not only financial, to create an alternative first button, "razdurachivaniya planet", the second, when the change itself will begin, they will be able to cover the back, "the major players have received an ultimatum" and to be impartial judges (how can such be people), as well as guarantees for all the rest, that puppeteers solving their problem, not reversed, in the most difficult period of transition ...
  I will not refuse to come through honest, but Cassie, was not written for the purpose of fame or money, motivation, the "big" job, much higher order, to save his most inner circle, so that would get away from the accusation of "complexity" and / or grammar errors, "pack" the whole theory in one sentence, but unfortunately not the understanding of justice, is not "in error" it was written, and the laws of physics and is placed in thirty second commercial about how the "propaganda" in the world of living things.

Actually, everything open-you can further expand to many volumes ...

Optional: Why is HERE, what is HERE, how is - HERE
BUT! If you read the main, perhaps with an additional about what the cashier and did not "jumped" - spit, as "not crucified", despite the fact that you need a just world, no less than me, convince unfortunately still can not.

If you read the ground and in a wider context, as previously thought on the subject, you can go directly to the pilgrim: "The goal is the motivation, resources, basic tasks, create party" Under the old to the party program. It (also on page) for the pros here for Dummies HERE
Option three, it is for those who have a serious thought, but somewhere internally ready to think. In this case, you are still any who do not believe in the word, that is correct, so below, contains some references to the path that was in the summer of 2011, when "on the occasion of" something understood before others, ask all persons promoted, explain error calculations are made, and they instead, hiding his head in the sand, someone "did not notice" cash, and most or saying a word "banned".
Click on the link, you'll be able to save much time, one thing most all "compute" and another check made by the other person, "estimates", in simple and open source.
 In brief, perhaps we should start, "with an introduction", understanding motivation, responsibility, and of why having a normal head, before others realized what the court of the unfolding crisis. In the end, why the theory and its author can be trusted not to understand this, the rest will read - fiction, a "writer", you can find a lot better:
About me and the life "project" in the selection of articles:
-Represented in what was getting into when written in detail, I tried not to lie.
-Start Project Cass, Monthly Plans and Reports
   Before we move on to resources, two short remarks:
1-It is not too late, the elite themselves have to change all the Utopia on the One and the just society. And the elite is not only the Rockefellers and Morgans .. Obama and Putin .. Geyttsy, Zuckerberg and Abramovich .. Prokhorov, King and Venediktov .., angels on earth do not and never will be, so the elite is any person, any price achieved the significant success in that does. We are cool only in his imagination, trillion, trillion stars only in our universe ... questions greatness left?
2 Obektivno looking at the world, while our chances as civilization on the planet as well stay on, after 15 years of well below 50%, but they are higher than a miracle if the theory is valid Cass is on the main world first button "for smart," but even in this case, as all ... "Confusing" see article "not just a job to google"
More Articles in expansion:
1-Corruption Court-State. In the human world, the super-rich and the poor, there is not in itself ...
About this article, not a "fabulous" role of the state
2 Democracy and Elections
Last Utopia in our civilization, or we it in 3-15 years of evolution bury, or it all of us, in the same years, went to the nuclear furnace
3 The opposition and media / promotion (including social networks) are not real ...
We always saw the world "through the eyes of the first button," but that since 2010, has become a grave danger to all, including the nominal and the real owners
4 Religion
Is it right to believe a painted god, whether you are even the Pope, when this very soon, "show"?
5 On the borders of nations and
In the natural world, people only one boundary and the same ...
6 of gender relations, family and purpose of man on earth (version)
Pair of every creature, so beloved., One for life or new, every week, in the world who does not know what a "flat and sexy question" how to provide children and old age, both sexes can always adequately addressed.
7 Education
"Rusty" to talent and non-aggressive Pinocchio, Malvina and Piero grow by themselves
8 Pensions and Medicine
Pensions, free health care and welfare benefits-evil, but do not hurt much until you have read
9 Business and Energy, Money, Salaries, Banking and Capital
As often, the glare of a star, an hour gets more than a blacksmith-teacher-engineer-doctor-scientist for 10 years, believe that it is good for you personally, even if you "star"? Big business as the power of interest only if the gingerbread separated from responsibility, and even in the world for 3 \ 4 consisting of hydrogen, oil at $ 100 a barrel ... swear words are not enough
10 Putin
Break or Suck? Finished article on whether Vladimir Putin its obligations to the voters present and amusing ...
11 On the current crisis
World behind the scenes ... and not the current of the river up ... in the galaxy a trillion stars in the universe a trillion galaxies, the universe is not alone ... the whole machine of live by the same laws as we can on the other? ... Well, well.
12 Programme of Action within the powers of each evolutionary
Assets at the end of the crisis or who do not save, to fight for the life of all, with
given the ultimatum is real. Options for a "simple and easy" to people
13 All found in the network, the program offers, changing the lives of people from the party, as it is designed to thoughts on the topic, with a brief analysis.
"Neither the development of democracy in full growth and socialism / communism, attempting 2 neskladyvayutsya" but "popular" and the only network of uncensored news media, no one disputes ..
14 A simple test of any government, the opposition .., democracy in general, and the confirmation that the theory of a just world (box office) or a fairy tale, or a utopia, in the article.
"The two main issues of the modern world from which run all, or almost all of it is very easy to check on the integrity and soundness of any ...


Free counters!
We treated propaganda, short memory, so in general, the future is a rainbow, but ...
... if we do not soon find the money and the people, it is quite different, It simply will not, none of nynezhivuschih!
Seen from the counter, the theory Cassius not on time flown planet, we only get their heads out of the sand, do not forget where you is not lived, nuclear rain spit soup you is liquid chalk or pearls!
  Anyone sending your e-mail address (required by the platform google) can write whatever he wants in a single network is not censor political magazine, which of course increases the chances of finding the money, and through them, the guys / girls achieved the success, but on the occasion of realizing a price, he said - Fuck everything ... and the solution is in the mountains, forests ... fast or quiet rivers, beaches .. but you never know where you can get away from the world showing off in the vast as our planet, but sometimes still looks into the Internet ...

Below this page went daily work associated with the promotion of the Theory

KAS'S whose meaning is the same: to bring you: PROGRAM TO EVOLUTION


COMPANY, donations and volunteer or not great, for their lives to fight anyone

original in Russian HERE

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