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Теория и пошаговая программа построения как всегда не равного, но впервые в истории справедливого общества которое устроит ВСЕХ

Любой честный проект строится по схеме: Цель; Ресурсы; Почему; Что; Как; Доказательства и все это в сути не более чем на одну/две страницы +...

The current crisis puts just one question to the people of the Earth - vanity or LIFE. And if at least one out of a million ventures to switch off TV - it will be a luck for everyone. Don't be quick to state that you are not the one.

As the author of this article and of the project puts it, from the zero it was going to the fairy-tale richness, but if you want to laugh you should tell God about your plans... In all senses having paid a high price for the opportunity to see the World from three sides: Business, Power, Money, Igor Liachenko created Kissproject not to judge the mighty of this world and the famous ones, but for a reasoned appeal to everyone - to use their common sense, to activate their mind. Lying against the wheel of history will in all senses only make the things worse for oneself. So, whoever you are, it is reasonable to relax, think and enjoy joining the "light" Kiss.
Let's start.
Obviously, not only in Russia, but in the whole world it is very difficult to find those who would like even to try and open their eyes.

People always walk where they are told, and the government and the so-called opposition have been singing along one song since the first crisis. The first: "Patience. Everything will settle." The second: "We'll 'throw off' the adversary and have the time of our lives."

For tens of centuries tyrants and democrats changed places with each other...and nothing changed. But the turn of the spiral has closed again and whether we want this or not - the time of changes has come. To understand what has changed, we'll have to dip deeply.

In the beginning, as in any pack, in the people's crowd the leader answered for his words/actions with his own head. That is why, despite all disadvantages, during the first millions of years the society was just. Presidents/General secretaries/Prime Ministers...as it must be - were the first to rush at a mammoth or an enemy, so, they deserved to have and had the best females and pieces of meat.

And when they died or by any other reason couldn't be the first, their power without any elections again went to the most spiritually strong male or female. The pack never permitted the weak ones to rule. And they didn't even try. Because, having occupied someone else's place, they would live together with everyone till the first turn. Only genes were hereditary. So, everything was fair: the more gifted you are - the more you do - the more you have.

The slogan was simple - "Act like I do" - so, standards of living of everyone in the tribe were almost the same, differed just slightly. And the size of the pack was regulated automatically, by the possibilities of direct and effective government, control.
The glossy magazines and TV sets didn't tell that without featherbeds and iPhones the life in the world isn't nice. And the life of homo sapiens, without regular stresses and vanity, arrogance, airs, took its normal course. They worked, protected their families, gave birth to and raised children. There were no pensions. But the old ones were needed till their last day - who else would watch the fire and share the knowledge supported by the experience?

And people also enjoyed sober singing, dancing, drawing...more than we do. As a result, having no fangs, claws, warm fell, running not so fast, being bad at climbing...on account that everyone had a useful function, our far predecessors lived on equal terms with those who had great fangs and claws.

This could go on while the sun shines, but the primeval justice had one principle disadvantage - without parasites people wouldn't start needless wars, and...would never be able to reach the stars. The aim of our creation is exactly there. Or does anyone seriously think that it's to eat and <drink> in both literal and figurative senses?

We didn't change, but the predetermined development of technologies led to the changing of the primitive communal array.

When it became possible to feed drones, just one word was added to the simple slogan - "Act like I said to do" - and the justice vanished without leaving a trace. The lies began to govern our world, and the society divided into an irresponsible elite and paying for everything people. The array (system) didn't change further on, only the fronts were being changed.

In an instant (if we compare with millions) when all lacked conscientiousness, thanks to the State, the differences of standards of living were artificially developed to millions of times (although genetically the abilities still differed just slightly). But people, fighting constantly for the sake of vanity of the High and Mighty, developed the technologies to the necessary level.

It became real to put everything from the head back to feet again (from the topsy-turvy back to the normal position) and on the technological level to come back to the fair and just society. But again, something is going wrong on the Earth, and instead of real actions, in the "discussions" of the role of the ruling or previous leaders or their replacement by new promise-givers, the last grains of sand flow away in vain, while it is still possible to choose one of the two predetermined variants of the way out of the present-day crisis - the last one for our civilization.
When everything is naturally rot, to build anew, changing of the decorations will not help. And if we want to live - not the persons or clans should be changed, but the grounds, quickly and peacefully. But all the so-called mass media, famous and educated people without an "order" keep absolutely silent about the scale of the developing crisis, and the leaders... Admitting that not-on-the-whole-bad and, judging by the video, merry human beings are in power or striving for it...without jokes everything is too bad. The lady offers to rise the taxes and intensify the regulation. And the most "revolutionary" candidate for a president of the most developed country on the planet dreams that if they lower the bureaucracy with the taxes for ten per cent, well-being will come to America.

It won't. No matter who wins. Because the bureaucracy has performed it's historical mission and it should be not increased or lowered but quickly and peacefully reduced to zero (replacing really answering with nothing "curators" by managers who answer with their own head), and the summary taxes from the current 90 (if to count fairly) must be made not 95, 80 or even 70%, but 1 - 2 at least for the transitional period 5%. This will be enough for the state which doesn't put a spoke in the wheels and lives on that, but in word and deed keeps within just one law, but for all its statesmen: Do what you wish, but if you do damage to somebody or do something to the prejudice of somebody - You pay with everything at once, life included. Removing the primary cause of all disasters, with the modern level of technologies, in some five years on the planet there will be not anarchy (which, as well as democracy, is impossible among human beings) but almost a paradise - on the Earth and for almost all sinners. But the technologies have two sides. We all know the alternative. The fire will be not with devils/frying pans but nuclear. People probably won't disappear from the Earth this time, and the survivors will start a new civilization from the caves. The customer doesn't hurry anywhere. So, this will repeat for millions of times. Until the predetermined result is reached. The powers that created us (whatever we call them) this time at last need SENSIBLE, REASONABLE people, not some brainless little animals with two legs who for arrogance, airs, vanity - glass beads, even if it's jewellery, easily give away the dearest everyone has - life - one's own and that of family and friends.

To the more detailed theory with the program of ACTIONS you can skip via links. And if  to go on without links and plainly/shortly: people always went out of all big crises through war and/or revolution (the change of decorations), but in the nuclear world it is a "guaranteed" end for EVERYONE or almost everyone. And because those who make money out of paper also want to live, for the first time in the course of history there is a variant to do everything according to the plan - amicably, in the name of love.

Yes, propaganda blocked everyone's consciousness, but as old as the world fairy-tale makes it possible, applying to the subconsciousness, to do a quick test. And if before the collapse of the world financial pyramid we together find at least one hundred of sensible human beings, we will be able to connect gingerbread with responsibility IN WORD AND DEED. And then it will be not easy to persuade the genetically suitable for governing so that they would for several years or decades, without any elections, being responsible with their OWN head, rule Russia... America, Gasprom, boeing, Facebook...

But the "unusual" will be found, and having worked honestly, without any elections, the leader, passing further "the crown" with the responsibility in word and deed, free like wind, will, as any other human being, until the hundred's anniversary, most of the time: love, draw, paint, dance, shoot films, write books, go fishing, grow flowers... If other people pay for the hobby freely and willingly - it will be splendid, if they don't - no problem; then they will invent, teach, cure, create, manage a bar, a stall, a small factory...

With the modern technologies, in the wisely organized world, for everyone and of any age, there will be a lot of possibilities in any part of the planet, working unintensively at home or close to home, just for a couple of hours a day, earn for bread and butter, clothes, habitation and all the rest a human being really needs. And then deside for oneself whether to go on with the hard work according to the genetic instinct and launch space shuttles or just enjoy living, getting pleasure from the socializing with people (both close and far away), from the hobby although small but beautifully performed work.

If we don't want "reset" after which those, who survived by chance, in a million years, again developing the technologies through the just but strict primitive communal array, by its end would follow the way from the first to the last crisis, people have no other choice but having finished the stage of the quantitative development to change the 'impulse' of developing of civilization from war to the natural pleasures, thus moving to the stage of qualitative development.

That is all for the theory. Now shortly about the actions.

No one is ready to pay for vanity in full. That is why, whoever you are, wherever you live, join the "light" kiss.

To turn the fairy-tale into a true story there are needed: volunteers, creative people and businessmen, sponsors, maecenatis, co-investors.

Look, ask any questions, let's discuss and argue (the project is in all senses without any censorship).

You can contact me via comments to this post or e-mail me LilyBeeBitter@yandex.ru , by this e-mail I can be found in skype. My name is Anna Kolesnikova (Анна Колесникова), I am the translator of kissproject and I'm easily found in the socials (@AnnLovesBeecake is my twitter). If you like, we may exchange addresses and meet IRL (in real life): I live in Akhtubinsk, Astrakhan Region, and if you are there you are welcome to visit me. My mobile phone number is +79170987095

For all serious discussions you can contact Igor Liachenko - the author of the project (e-mail - kissproject.info@gmail.com, skype - iglalisa). His address in St.Petersburg can be found on Google map, so you can visit him if you are in Russia. His mobile phone is +79217808975

and then - If you want to live, whoever you are, partisipate, as much as you can, in spreading the word of the fairy-tale which tells that paradise for sinners is built quickly and peacefully by replacing a milliard of bureaucrats by one computer which is devoid of human weaknesses. Yes, someone must control it, but starting with something simple maybe someone of you will control the computer (read further) but so far we ask/entreat you to - tell, translate, write, draw, paint, invent some useful computer "tricks"...and/or invest what you can afford, all specialists can be hired. Without deception and stealing, a million or even a rouble/dollar (as a joke) will be put to practical use (the budget, as well as the project itself, is open).

There are a lot of ways of co-investing
. More than a thousand $ should be discussed with Igor Liachenko so that the money work according to your preferences, and everything that is less you can transfer directly to the creative people who works with the tasks of kissproject or to the common fund of the project: yandex.money410011096035349, Megafon mobile phone +79217808975, citybank card 4193 4900 8656 8005

If you are a businessmen or a creative person - earn. For you there are special versions of the project, or write, phone and let's meat in real life. To talk in English - contact me. To talk in Russian - contact Igor Liachenko. You can contact Igor Liachenko for all the details and discuss the work.

And when you earn millions and milliards on this "fairy-tale", you will decide for yourself what to aim them at.

It is not a joke about the great amount of money. Everyone will give everything for one's life. The project is permitted. And there are more than seven milliards of people on the Earth... But the money in the project is just the "tool" for reaching the goal. Technologically everything is ready for the new World. The point is to find those who will control the computer. The "fairy-tale" will help here. For a confident support one needs solid ground. That is why on this stage there will be no money from the "top",but if among those, who earned with the kiss, there are those, who keeping for themselves several thousands or tens of thousands of bucks per month the rest millions/milliards aim at the work, that means they can be trusted with the responsibility of the control of the Server.

Because we need to find not the sinless people (there are no such people among the living), but the sensible, reasonable. Those who, when their life is at stake, despite all temptations, having the opportunity, won't change the life for even the most luxurious trinkets. Yes, anyone could be broken and killed, but they are seen at once. That is why we need exactly the incorruptible.
And any of us can appear to be the reasonable - because what's the use of discussing the price if selling - you are burned with the others. All difficulty is that a human being should by intuition grasp the actual danger, and then prove the reasonableness, experiencing "the fire and the trumpets".

To prove everything serious and fair is easy.
- In the replacement of the bureaucrat by a computer there is no benefit for a separate person or clan.
- In the world where every word is under control you have openly got the unspeakable idea of how in three steps (tell, support, earn) the very grounds are changed.

As everyone's consciousness is blocked, we can apply only to the subconsciousness (intuition). So, to those who is somehow interested in the written above, we offer - not the links to various variants of the project (you can look for them on your own if you wish, everything is on the first page) but the links for the already written best fairy-tales, they can help the volunteers to better understand what is it all about. And businessmen and creative people can freely use it as a "canvas", the outline of their fairy-tale. http://www.kissproject.info/search/label/1лучшее About the World without vanity, arrogance, airs, and what more, without: frontiers, poverty, serious illnesses, great disasters, crime and the more so, wars... About the world in which, except people, all creatures make couples. But as soon as we get rid of the main primary cause of the disasters, everyone will find a sweetheart (for one night or for a lifetime everyone will decide by means of love).

Anna Kolesnikova, a writer/translator of the Kiss

PS - Huge thanks to Igor Liachenko - the leader of the project and the producer center "Kiss", its main investor who invested thirty millions of dollars and thirty years into the fairy-tale that you have just read. That it was not out of his free will is important only for his family. And for others - he understands what he is doing and he wrote everything about himself. It is not difficult to find out.

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