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Теория и пошаговая программа построения как всегда не равного, но впервые в истории справедливого общества в десятке слов

Любой честный проект строится по одной схеме: Цель; Ресурсы; Почему; Что; Как; Доказательства и все это не более чем на одну/две страницы.  ...

Business proposal by financing collaboration in party CASS Justice. This time without stealing, without political struggle, only straight dealing: ONE PLANET,ONE PARTY,ONE COMMON SLOGAN.

The theory of a justice society is CASS is unite for all planet and it is written by man born in the Soviet Union and now living in Russia, which of course puts some specifics, which is taken into account in its promotion in other countries. But despite all the general details we all in deadly threat: the modern State of irresponsible bureaucrats.
    The main difference is that: If you are lucky enough to live in countries including developed democracy, you have suppressed domestic corruption compared to the rest of the world and my country , it is not destroyed,because corruption is the very foundation of modern capitalism, just from youit comes to us, the rest of its components, and you have full flower in bloom, they just did not catch the eye. If you have "bad luck", that with few exceptions petrodollars do not fall on you now from the sky and you are even worse.
     Everything else in the world are the same thing, even for those who lucky enough soon will back to front because welfare of golden billion is not built on the foundation of which is spoken, and any financial piramideis finited. So, feel free to take this theory of a justice society, rethinking it, taking into account the specifics of your country and move it at home, in their own personal interests and the interests of people living in your corner of our great planet.
     Capitalism ended everywhere several years ago and the world has become global, it is just inertia.
                                                                                                                                     Igor Liachenko

The crisis, slowly broadening since 2008, which by year 10 was little dimmed, has not cyclic, but civilizational character and will ends not as "oracles" said.

The period of quantitative development of the civilization ends with the current crisis, that’ve been lasting some thousands years and will begin the new one- high-quality development or people "will back" to a primary point.

In fact, the development of crisis can’t be stopped, and in global and nuclear world, the guided war, that was used earlier, is the only known method of solution crisis situations which can’t be used by the Tops. That’s why in the next 3/15 years people need to change the socially economic system, beginning with the weakest but important link (the paradox is that the weakest link is the richest territory of our planet - modern Russia) otherwise the development of crisis will be inevitably the cause of nuclear fire, which will destroy billions, and the people who will survive, will be back in times of primitive communal system. This time change of leaders, even change of groups can't be solution in order to move up to the next step. It is necessary to get rid of initial cause of all big crisis "Discrepancy of management and technologies" in evolutionary track (earlier and now) instead of revolutionary way (in nuclear world that’s mean the end of all).

The stake isn’t power/money, but the safety of our families, so we can expect that Tops can lead reformations, which can be possible only in cause of technologies change. That’s why the only solution that can save everyone is the fast evolution change of two hundred states which had carry out their historical role and became parasitic structures, on the one united state for all planet with the one function-fast fair arbiter. The case in question is development of high-performance but in the same time incommensurably cheap form of social system that is not anarchy but in some measure the symbiosis of capitalism and socialism in the pure state. In working draft this symbiosis was called: CASocialism Justise – CASS.

Persons at governmant will be establish the fair society in private interests, but in civilization that grew up all people will use that.

The party CASS is founded not for one people or group change another one in order to get lucre, the idea and motivation of her organization more over – to make all possible for safety and than how it will be.

The party will have to solve some current tasks, the main of them is to astir world evolution wave of common senseand to find the "thousand" potential leaders not involved in propagandistic campaign among seven billion people. The main part of involved funds will be spend for seeking potential leaders.

The “future world” is a world leaded by a group of objective judges the numbers of which is expected more after passing transition period, but now they’re located in different places all over the world and become themselves in cause of coincidences.

In this case, the only person, whose stopped a blow with one's head, prosperous and strong can be objective. So only this way we can knock the nonsense out of people heads in the world, where billion dollars are spent for difficult organized promotion every day.

Nowadays everything is rather quite, the power of “puppeteers” (have my own suppose that they have it) and few numbers of objective judges (supported by modern technologies which provaded online control for all people) – are major components for development of justice society. And it’s very important to distinguish parity and justice.

Proposal by financing the party which isn’t going to take part in election and may blackmail the government at first sight seems absurdly, but this is the best proposal at all.

At least, I ask you don’t be mean. We can’t be sure that our assets’ll be saved in the end of the crisis, but it is possible and necessary to try to rescue our life.

We can’t be sure in successful results, but if it’s ruins within some years nothing’ll be necessary for all seven billion of people.

Regular question, if “puppeteers” have trillions why do they not try to provide financing and direct control of originated party. I think about that repeatedly and wrote all my conclusions in theory. Is it logically, truthfully? I don’t know.

Anyway, you should make your mind, but let me ask you only about one thing: don’t try to hide behind standart wording: it’s not my business, if I’ll take part I’ll have problems, we all die, nuclear war can’t be started, I can’t change anything…

1. So if you’re strong person you must realize that your own welfare you built within the scope of “gold billion’s” welfare, which days are numbered since 2008/2010 years, it’s just a inertial motion and it’s continues.

2. Don’t preach you to heroism or organize a rally, the Tops have missed an opportunity to change Putin and he’ll be with us till the end, but which one?

3. Death in your own bed is unlike to death in nuclear incinerator, especially if you wouldn’t get lucky to burn instantly and you will have to “leave” during some days or hours writhing with your relatives.

4. Don’t be sure that there’re no fools to declare nuclear war, of course it can be so, but nowadays world is built by a lot of compromises and a delicate balance of interests that are inevitably can be disturbed by the collapse of the global financial pyramid. Only one nuclear explosion in the world's largest Megapolus is enough to collapse civilization like a house of cards. Started chaos will be finished within months by everything else in the global world.

5.In this case only some thousands of people among seven billion will take active part in world evolution, that’s why if the wish will be absent, your participation will be to the lowest notch. So now we’re in the one boat, that means that other things’ll be done by other people.

Back to classics-try to do what you can do and what is to be will be, we can boldly add: if it’s become real-everyone wins otherwise everyone will be left with a broken washtub.

The last in brief

My work is just a start of a project (party is made not for myself), decided to do that after an occurrence that would be deserving of mention, also for its effect. Founded CASS, leaned on the own funds, full year I tried to find “necessary” people, but the level of brainwashing exceed the conceivable limits. Reliance on lucid mind and narrow means didn’t give results.

Now resort to you: we mustn’t waste time in period of relative stability: your funds are need. I call for the appropriate allocation of resources necessary for this work.

It is important to understand that you do not give them to me, you pay for the work to save your relatives, other people will go with you to the furnace inextricably or will come in a justice society. With or without you the "train"would arrive at one of the two stations, but the terminal station wouldn’t be liked by other seven billion people.

It’s difficult to believe, but this time everything is really straight deal, more over there is a kind of participation where everything that you’ll give will send directly to the search engines.

There’s not a human (with all-too-human foible) in CASS party. It’s a simple mechanism laid in it and guarantees that party and than the United State will be lead by objective the most strong and aptitude for creation Men or Women. (condition and people changes, so they can be from the Tops). Also mechanism guarantees that all funds (one dollar or one million dollars) that you’ll appropriate allocation of resources necessary for this work will be send directly for business. I’m not asking you to re-invent the wheel, because this mechanism is open on-line balance and responsibility, with clear, simple purpose and motivation.

Suggestion as a theory are devided into 3 parts: Why. What. How.Why.

The crisis that had begun in 2008 is considered to be over in 2010 but actually didn't... Tops powdered the live coals.Only a few thousand people amoung seven billion realize that actually in the 2008 the crisis just has began unfolding. The crisis can’t be determined in years, even centuries, it happens once in every thousand years and not correct to call it a cyclic, it has civilized character. But the affair is coming to a head and will be short within next years and it’ll be differ than modern idols / prophets said.

Try to get rid of propagandistic speaches about that is the crisis of overproduction.. The most of all crises have one reason: does not match the management of society, the state of society, especially technological.

It starts with the level of government in general, in a global world, interstate, and ends with being in charge of "crockery" store.

At all times when the situation became too critical in cause of such inconsistency, the Tops in order to resque their power and life started guided wars (which are not always ended as it seems to be, but it's another story). But the truth is that after such “purification” people for a long time not pay attention to different inconsistencies, blessing the God to stay alive . But then during with the rehabilitation all will follow the same sequence of the cycle.

Nowadays we had to pile up a lot of opposing views that can’t be solved without war conflict .. but this time all are rather serious, because guided war can’t be apply in the nuclear and global world.

The only known method can’t be applyed, but the problem is still piling up, so the explosion in the previous conditions is inevitable. If don’t hide head in the sand is not difficult to correlate events with other events and predict the actual outcome. That’s why in the next 3/15 years Tops need to change the socially economic system, beginning with the weakest but important link otherwise the development of crisis will be inevitably the cause of nuclear fire, which will destroy billions, and the people who have remained on cracks, will be back in times of primitive communal system.

Without going into details:

Global financial pyramid was created by people who run the show that amount less than 1 percent of all population instead of taking all that other people execute. Almost rely on the previous one and with help of world corruption golden billion is built and there’s no place for fairy tales about high efficiency or democracy. Another point is staple prices including energy costs that is the basic factor of welfare of modern Russia.

This model has led to the maladjustment of current income of people and their genetic basis and it reaches a million times with the difference in ability at times, at the poles, dozens of times. There were always large differences, but there wasn’t a situation when you can not remove stress, at the same time that "offended" firstly get opportunity to destroy the offenders.

We are at a stage when the pyramid is finished its growth, stamped a little at the top and has entered a phase of destruction. So: Russia is the weakest link in of a billion, that "buried" national production and take up the drug habit of oil and other money, that are falling from the sky. Being the first of the world's nuclear powers, Russia is gonna to go down the drain in the next one or five years and woudn’t be the same after the end and will dragged not part of the world but all of it to "hell or heaven".

Don’t be sure that there’re no fools to declare nuclear war, of course it can be so, but nowadays world is built by a lot of compromises and a delicate balance of interests that are inevitably can be disturbed by the collapse of the global financial pyramid. Only one nuclear explosion in the world's largest Megapolus is enough to collapse civilization like a house of cards. Started chaos will be finished within months by everything else in the global world.

The modern world just seems that is based on a granite foundation, in fact, the foundation, walls and roof are made of compromise and balance of different interests. For example the world's money or energy prices (what kind of cost per barrel of oil over a hundred dollars you can tell if the "exchange consumption" from the real, is different in a hundred times), and there’re so much examples.

As about world government, the majority does not understand its role in the life of the planet. During the centuries system was built by intellects of ages as a very resistant one to current problems, but at the same time is very fragile when the case in question is serious disturbance of the balance of interests, which can be provoke by the global financial pyramid's collapse.

Link to full version of "Why" at the end of sentences.

What should be done.

Now it’s not a crisis of capitalism, it ends with a period of development of our civilization, which lasted several thousand years, when the price of human life was to the lowest notch, so that would pass any cost the quantitative phase of development. By 2010 the period when development of information technology which can provide a total permanent control over all people, and earlier nuclear, allowing to get free unlimited energy anywhere in the world has gone. The state and the bureaucrat in each own place fulfilled their roles. Now we have everything for the transition from quantitative to the qualitative level of development or if for any reason we’ll not make the transition our nation will have to disappear, giving way to the next civilization.

The state of bureaucracy with their customers have been just the parasitic structure that is not bringing any useful function in society since 2010, so the best way, before it will bury us all, will be evolutionary exclusion as soon as possible by replacing all two hundred States on the one, united - fast fair arbiter. The case in question is development of high-performance but in the same time incommensurably cheap form of social system that is not anarchy but in some measure the symbiosis of capitalism and socialism in the pure state. In working draft this symbiosis was called: CASocialism Justise – CASS.

The only one government in the whole world must remain with the only one law: every person(company) can do all that they want to do only if it’s not harm other person(company), in other words it’s like a normal rivalry, otherwise all must know to there cost what it could lead up to.

Tremendous creative energy,that is inherent in human, releases when sponger passes away and internal state, which are supported by modern technologies, tie negative energy that is also inherent since birth. As a result there are will be no beggars and super-rich people, there’re ll be no thoughtless decisions. Human wellbeing will depend on the genetic aptitude for creation and all society will consist of few rich(5%) and well-to-do people.

Genetic bastards will not get no where, but if they do not cultivate a specifically their number is negligible and healthy society, even to be able to use to their advantage. (for example as parts for normal people)

This construction provides a stable for many millennia unhurried progressive development of society as a whole, as required.

Link to full version in the end of a sentence.

It’s time to see what is going on

Democracy and elections are delusion at its finest in the world where there is no parity between people in the abilities initially and where true position of business are hidden behind the perfect cover. In such world can’t be raised a question about choice of majority or straight dealing. Sir Winston Churchill’ve already said almost about Democracy, but either did not finish or was interraped and in real the phrase should be completed this way: "If you are lucky enough to be born in a democratic country." In case, our planet is not inhabited by angels, so democracy would not be able to circulate all over the world, it could only work if the world’ll be divide into parts: golden billion and others…

If really people waiting for responsibility instead of elections, only after that everything will be on their own places. But responsibility(among not angels) can’t be exist without constant control of all people all over the world without exceptions, that’s why before it were only talks about that.


When it is getting hot it’s always said about Tops’s straight dealing, parity and justice and all revolutions are done by this variation of words, but at the first time in the history, they’re forfeited ability to wait till the storm is over (the most perfect shelters can't be compare with the Earth), so the Tops have to not in word but in deed try to build strongly-organized, united and justice society all over the world.

That’s why action program, on principle, differ than it was at previous centuries,when now as earlier it seems to be a rotten business. Now, in a very short period of time, building of justice world (what people have always dreamed about and what all religions said about) is not predetermined, but really.

Of course, there’re some questions from the technologic point of view but all of them can be solved by the previous lifelength. In order to take on the activities, the Tops need to find some thousands of people which understand what had happened and what can be in spite of influence world advocacy. These people are definitely exist, but besides the few numbers they are widely scattered all over the world, without being either in the corridors of power or in the offices of companies. This is not theoretical thinkers, this men / women from 30 to 60 years old, achieved the great success in their work and realized the price of success, decided to tell to everybody where to get off and live a life where they can minimize the current relationship with the world. Mountains, rivers, oceans, tropics, forests, deserts and beaches ... Ranch / bars also can be acceptable locations. Theoretical insight can come by itself, but I suppose that the majority part of them had been exposed to outward processing, very strong at the one hand and not killed on the other, but knocked out of the head the nonsense of centuries-old advocacy with unlimited resources.

There’s no need to explain anything for that people, they passed and understand that democracy and elections serve as a screen which doesn't change anything. But they will be back when will be given the sign that the time is come. Since 2010 the question about development justice world have been only will of “puppeteers” and search of necessary thousand of people among seven billion.

More simply:

There is a reason to write that the main “puppeteers” ready in principle,they banned all small sites and run like the devil from holy water during the year from the theory of a justice society CASS. Вut "office" is silent and on the main world area where twice was completely erased the theory today it’s restored and is now allowed to work. If CASS would be a shallow it would be better to eliminate it, but if it would be done by Google, taking into account people's fortune chances to survive and build a justice society in general would have to be to the lowest notch.

So if the main puppeteers "agree" with the algorithm of building a justice world look what it can be:

Unnecessarily Russia is first taking part of the civilized tailspin, while the country and the world's Tops have resources it’s necessary to restore it within the borders close to the USSR and the CMEA as possible, the project should be provided with all resources, including people of different nationalities living in different states. Take together the best planet's minds, the most powerful executives and "thousand" founded sober men / women and after all this will be done, let go of the “iron curtain” in order to control resources besides very exceptional situations.

Next: law enforcement agencies at all costs keep any dangerous objects along with all first buttons (including religious) and at all costs keep people from rebellion. At this time the best minds and managers working on unpacking of hydrogen technologies and providing online monitoring of all 200/300 million people and sober one thousand are judges. Thus, the five / ten years will be debugged all the necessary technology of justice society to transfer them as they become available in the rest of the world.

It’s very important to understand that Justice is not Parity, that are not promised, moreover it’s unreal but at the same time with the present level of technology it is not necessary. Majority of people working without tension according to their abilities will be well-fed, will have home and all that is necessary for comfortable life without luxuries till the end of their life and using the bicycle as the main means of transport. And others” talanted” that are about some percents of all population will content ambitions by moving the civilization forward safely for all.

At this point, just without demagoguery about democracy in the rest of the world are entered a severe regime of control over all dangerous objects, with the simultaneous collapse of virtually low cost to the prices of all komoditis (stock), including energy resources, it will provide more than adequate standard of living, 5/10 years for the period until the Russia debugged technology. If all goes well, then after a couple of years the planet, will be ready to take off behind the iron curtain, which of course will not allow anyone until all the technology will not be maintained and scaled. The curtain will fall very naturally as technology transfer finished working on the 300 million to seven billion. For everything is quite sufficient period 15/20 years.

Nowadays the success of the most big deal in the history can’t be guaranteed, but there’s hundred-per-cent arrangement that if we woudn’t pitch in, our civilization’ll end all existence within 3/15 years and in advantage it will take 20/25 years.

Now briefly said about Why,What,How (links to full versions in the end of a article)I’m turn to a proposal which, I address personally to you.

“Puppeteers” can’t without your help find the necessary sober thousand, so they are not able to resque their life not according to all their resourses (get rid the variant of lightning division of seven billion per thousand and and other genetically modified subhuman, with the gradual destruction of billions of extra-beens. It is theoretically excluded, but it will not be considered as you can not resist him).

The Tops without problems can find a lot of money, the best managers and members of the top brass, but the situation with judges is on principle different, we need people that are not prepared by the system, on the contrary that were rejected until now.

Past "elections" of President have been the last in Russia for the next thousands of years and created party is necessary only to lift the evolutionary planetary wave of common sense that "hook" the right people.

During the year I’ve tried to raise a howl leaned on the own funds,as you’ve noticed here I’ve done my best, but it didn’t work. I could not find "Sober" even in theory, their one in a million, I was ready for that, and what were at the bet did not work too. Initially I hoped for an opportunity to reach the mind of today's idols and hyped of opposition, at least one of the two, and the fact that people who are still brainwashing will be able to think regardless of other people and involved others for searching.

Secondly, we need money to pay for searching robots. Sober people didn’t demit, life goes on and sometimes they use Internet for searhing necessary information, so it’s a good place to catch them with intelligible slogan in order they can understand that time is ripe for action has come. There’s no need to explain anything for that people, also they don’t need specific signs, but the questions is how to find them.

I’ve done my best during this year and now I call for the appropriate allocation of resources necessary for this work. Any amount of money and such resources as concern, contacts, printing offices, well-connections, language, everything goes to the business. Probably it will not bring big money for sure to you and me but everything else included life, it can be. Crazy and totally voluntary rotation without any of the brackets will be on the planet in the next few years. When the world will turn upside down, so many people that now have "major assets" will recognaze that they don’t give a fuck and will live various "Gazprom" and will devote their live for favorite work, having their own little factory, or even go fishing, picking mushrooms, ... and this would be normal in society and would not look than out of the ordinary and at the same time they wouldn’t be starving. All are interested in power and big business today only by the fact that the responsibility is separated from the gingerbread, but they will have to be firmly linked, and after that it will tell perfectly well who was who and what it was about.

If you are greedy, or you have really bad financial support, but know someone do not forget: mediators are paid at the highest rate of-life ..


Main is written above.

I will describe a few moments in cause of better understanding of personal motivation and maybe your participation in the project.

Conclusions from the same information can be made different. (look in PM I do not see SP, nobody gonna hurt, but I think is not right to attract the "heaven" to justify desire not to think). In this case, not noticing that people are part of the "big world" that is not right too, like it or not but nevertheless a real blade of grass on this day.

1.I advice you to watch the film “ Life After People”. It hasn’t nonsens and set up on the fast destruction of materials. It shows that only a few thousand years of civilization (for any reason defunct) is left almost no trace. Here’s a link to watch film http://video.yandex.ru/users/moooaaar/view/2

2.There’s a picture shows a clay tablet and a helicopter on it that was found by archaeologists mentioned in the version of proposal with “cats”. So we can’t exclude that this is not fake, but in the world there’re a lot of artifacts that no one can explain, so what, we're not the first.

And over on the first and second paragraph should reflect the numbers:

The sun is just an ordinary star in the galaxy, where a trillion different stars in the universe, a trillion galaxies, the universe is at least not one ... and you still think that we are unique and represent the interest for many, if not reasonable (willingness to exchange the glass beads on life don’t show the rate of mind).

On our planet has of a normal climate suitable for human life at least half a billion years,... meteors flies ... 10 thousand years of civilization, double it and get that 25,000 times we had the opportunity to begin and end all if it goes something wrong with the development of civilization, so how much more we divide that to get a reasonable probability of 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000?

Our programm included testing for intelligence, the whole essence of the Party lies on proneness to conflict and development. Than we surely get the level when the weapon can destroy everything and at this moment the reasonableness are tested. If the Tops have enough brains they get rid of the basis of major conflicts and reduce them into constructive form at the same time dramatically try to lower the level of interstate conflict to the level of consumer otherwise we destroy ourselves and start over new, as example we do not think to press the "reset" on the computer and so on until the applied result.

Civilization is more complicated than a simple chain and is not a weak link checked for reasonableness (if you have available resources it’s very easy to manage society), and the Tops of the highest level and the level below are the main “puppeteers” that will come into game later, but today you are responded for collecting resources intended on the rise of world-wide wave of common sense until we will pass the point of return.

The last here is that we want to get rid of problem and say that’s not time for it. But we forgot that on the 21 of June in 1941 we didn’t know (especially in our country) what would be on 22th since that time it’s been quickened. I advice you to watch such films as “Marging Call” or “At Risk”. The main idea of film is that one “puppeteer” have been given a sign at time and within one night to razed the world to the ground. In the end of the film guys in the morning sitting on the stairs, dragged on a cigarette and exhaled that, it's done , but in reality only after the night their work begin to unfold according for real. Because your debt is someone else's assets and vice versa. Being in recent past as a speculator can say with little exaggeration that situation described in the film, without any jokes, any day can become a reality. I just want to believe (hope) that we have 3-15 years, in fact, nobody knows, because the pyramid of the first few years can be destroyed relatively slowly, but the combination of circumstances may suddenly make the process of avalanche.

Since summer 2011 till now there was wrote about 500 articles, but all of them were devoted to one idea for analizing everything and write just three: WHY,WHAT,HOW. They’re represented in this proposal, others hundreds might not be read. I think they would be intresting only for me and for some persons who are intrested in changes that can happen with one person within year. Back to classics, Putin-Mamai and country, but he must return at least a couple of tens million of dollars that was stolen by Arharovtsy robbing the business, and for this it is necessary that our country has become more "order and democracy." But after 8 month the same person wrote the only one not paid up article in the Internet in defense of Putin before the "election" of President. Bare estimate shows that today VV is the best for the upcoming step of a country and the world, whether he will go to the necessary changes, of course I do not know, but he and his mentality and spy gadgets can run the top of the hill in the world united and equitable society, and in five years or ten having gone and will stay in the history of the planet as a man (with all its sins of the human), who saved civilization (as the most important men with whom he will do it, I think, and this time will be remain in the shadows). There are still "a couple of worthy" candidates in the governor, but not their country's first go into a tailspin.

About Me I write only to try to convince, in theory there is no second face. All occurred only on the understanding of non-standard practices.

Before the robbery was a manufacturer, and as we all now tied to the government, the last four years was also a deputy, after that, forced to go to the exchange. Therefore, as a result had been a rare coverage of all three components of the modern world: Production, Power, Money, it's still added with a poverty, in addition weathered propaganda crap.

Now just said all decisions for you, money is important to stress, and unnecessary, but no less important is the fact that if you give absolutely any amount even dollar / thirty rubles, it would mean that the people on the planet added pulled his head out of sand, and means we all have increased the chances of saving his family at the turn of epochs.

Igor Liachenko

08 08 2012



All your responses you can send me on mail


Also you can call me

Skype: iglalisa

mobile phone hasn’t been changed over 20 years,if you know you can call me 965 98 ..,

There is no problem to set up a meeting if you’re in Saint-Petersburg, or if you live in another city or country we can decide this question.

the original in Russian, and versions in German, French and Spanish at the link http://www.casocialism.com/2012/08/dont-f-your-life-up.html

The level of translation, I can not appreciate if you can do it better, including the literary process ogiginal-I will soon be welcomed.
By the way it is with your contribution to the uplift persoonalnym planetary wave of common sense.

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А если что то не понятно, задавайте ЛЮБЫЕ вопросы по уму (так чтобы бы отвечать можно было однозначно Да или Нет)
Или без выходных с 10 до 21 по Москве, сделав видео звонок (отсекающий засланных казачков и ботов) задавайте любые вопросы как получится. Дальше вместе посмотрим как пойдет разговор…
#WorldEvolution а если хотите #МирБезБед #РайДляГрешников #КоммунизмИсправленное и даже #Kissproject