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Теория и пошаговая программа построения как всегда не равного, но впервые в истории справедливого общества которое устроит ВСЕХ

Любой честный проект строится по схеме: Цель; Ресурсы; Почему; Что; Как; Доказательства и все это в сути не более чем на одну/две страницы +...

Granny tells Masha how she became rich and famous and saved the world

В 2022 г.н.э. МИРОВОЕ безумие перешло в заключительную стадию. Одно из проявлений удаление во всех смыслах мирового проекта НИКОГДА не нарушавшего НИКАКИХ правил с Ютуба, Фейсбука и Твиттера который там беспрепятственно продвигался больше 10 лет. Более того Ваш покорный слуга входил в число iДрузей г Цуккерберга (ответственного за главный телевизор планеты) которых ВСЕХ можно было пересчитать на пальцах одного человека. Причем из 250 млн  русскоязычников, дружба была предложена только вашему покорному слуге и  еще одному парню.
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 ВСЕМ кто хочет спасти задницу НО в первую очередь В.Путину и К ° + венчурным инвесторам https://www.kissproject.info/2023/05/blog-post.html

It was a warm summer evening of 2050. A red-haired girl, Masha, her face all dotted with freckles, of some peculiar skin-colour, blinking her almond-shaped eyes cautiously, tip-toed to her boisterous-looking granny, or great grandmother to be exact, who sat on a river-bank. Granny’s name was Masha, too, and she was born in the eighties of the previous century.

The young Masha touched the old Masha’s shoulder lightly and asked:

“Granny, dear, tell me, please, one more time that fascinating story of your becoming the richest writer on the planet. It was so fantastic, when you and your friends saved the world with the help of your fairy-tales.”

The old lady put the fishing-rod aside, patted her curious granddaughter's head tenderly, let her sit on her lap. She couldn’t help smiling affectionately at her “old man”, who was working in the garden nearby. He also looked quite fresh, despite his “ancient” age. They both felt still young.

And granny Masha, in a quiet melodic voice, started to tell her tale. All Earthmen knew it by heart.


In those old times I used to be very different, never believed in miracles and forgot of fairy-tales completely. You know, when in old times a man grew up, he had to face the truth of life, willy-nilly putting all fairy-tales aside. Instead, there appeared a lot of various problems that needed to be solved. Every day.

In fact, people on Earth existed in order to work, very
hard as usual, taking up a job they didn’t really like. But, no matter how much and how hard they worked, even stealing sometimes (let’s be honest), there was never enough money for them to live.

As a result, we lived our lives in stress. The land where we live now was divided into several states that were often in conflict. The ruling classes lived according to the principle: divide and rule. So, the life of a small part of Earth population was luxurious. The financial status of approximately a million of people was quite stable. But some six milliard of people with the same abilities often lived from hand to mouth.

And in a place of a name that one could hardly even pronounce now (Russian Federation, just think of it!) men didn’t live for too long, some of them never reached the age of sixty. Not necessarily because of bad habits they fell into out of desperation. Even those who seemed to be doing quite well, lived a very short life.

OK, I won’t bother you with the past. It’s all gone by now. Me, you, our descendants will never have to go through that hell. For the next million of years, at least.

And all this became possible thanks to the fairy-tale, which came back to my life at first.

A usual day it was. And I needed money, just as usual. There was always lack of money. Having finished my work in the office, I worked at home as a freelancer: took orders for writing different texts. Writing was my hobby-horse. I just loved it, writing something. I even used to write poems as a child.

But I failed to become a famous writer. So, I agreed to do any job I could find. The other thing is how me, an educated woman, was glad to be writing about some sewer system. Can you imagine that? Or about visiting some fantastic places, where I myself would never be able to go? Splendid!

Well, where was I? One day I saw an order, that, to begin with, promised a fairy-tale for me. I clicked the link.

And “The Show” started!

The customer’s idea was really wild.

He stated that building a paradise for everyone on Earth quickly and peacefully was possible! Well, paradise to some certain extent, and for almost everyone, but on Earth and for sinners.

Yes, as to any educated person, it was clear – nonsense, there can’t be a world without frontiers, powerty, richness, wars, disasters.

But…out of curiosity I took that order. I just wanted to gain an understanding of it all. And I was stubborn, too.

That was worth it.

It changed my life, yours and that of our descendants for millions of years.

1.     All calculations have been done and they were available. But first of all it was not that important to understand them, as to believe that the improvements were possible at least for me and my family. You should just wish. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish anything.

The point of the project was that with the help of modern technologies and not quite ordinary people, who knew both ways out of the crisis (from which the whole world suffered, but unseen by most people) through fairy-tales we could build the World that almost all people would accept, it would be suitable for them.

2.     For that purpose I was to write a summary of fourteen points, according to the calculations.

3.     Then, according to that summary, I was to write my own fairy-tale contract.

The aim of the contract was that I myself should understand

-         Why the changes in my life were possible

-         What I should do for that and how I should do it

-         Why I can believe the project and it’s author

The authors idea was that a fairy-tale contract, written expressively and plainly, was meant not only to make me myself act, but to simplify attracting of other writers.

Because going to Holliwood as a team had more advantages and was more fun.

I didn’t at once got used to socilising with the author as friends, even equals, we were strangers just the day before.

But we worked for a fairy-tale.

Things do happen in fairy-tales, don’t they?

It took me a whole day to ask questions. We used skype for that for the eye-contact.

The customer was very strict. All questions should be thought over before being asked. I should be preparing them beforehand, so that they were just “yes/no” questions. Further explanations were made only when necessary. The customer didn’t like it when the contractor asked just because of lazyness, not even trying to understand everything on one’s own.

It seemed difficult at first. But I got used to it quickly. It made sense. So, the very next day my summery of two thousand symbols was ready. We came to an agreement over it. And after one more day of conscientious creative work I finished my fairy-tale contract.

I enjoyed writing. And when there is a core of a fairy-tale it is not that difficult to bring colour to it, make it sparkle like a rainbow.

It was settled that I get 100 roubles for 1000 symbols. My work was paid accordingly. You, of course, may say that it’s not much. But such was the price of a good copywright in those days.

When the contract was written, the fairy-tale was in my head, by that time not seeming a mere fantasy. Although I still doubted a bit. But I wanted some fame, all the same. So, I just rushed further.

According to the contract I had to right three more short fairy-tales.

All four fairy-tales should be published in the original of the journal. For that I needed to send my e-mail address to the authors Skype or e-mail. About that moment the author was very strict, too. Because only maximum openness made it possible for people to believe each other in the world built on lies. It was easier to communicate with other writers that way.

Oh, but I’m wandering from the point.

Each fairy-tale had the same message. And the algorithm of actions was the same. But they were written for different people, so, they differed in their style.

-         For those, who think plainly (90% of the Earths population)

-         For those, who can think a bit (5%)

-         For businessmen, quick on the uptake (5%)

It was easy to write those fairy-tales, because I’ve already got the gist and it was interesting. While I worked with those fairy-tales, I thought everything over and asked the author of the project “the thought over questions”. At last they were written.

And I got the money for them.

Then most of my doubts disappeared. Everything started to look real. But there was still the main obstacle.

To people with my four fairy-tales I had to go.

Though I knew that I would never find their support.

The author of the project warned me of that. By that time I had a strong reason to believe him. I understood he was telling the truth about that fact too. The social degradation level of everyone, and of Russians especially, can’t even be seen in a dream. But only going to people with my fairy-tales I had a chance to earn money and change something in my life for the better.

We discussed the terms on which I would take a risk of starting my way to Holliwood. With my fairy-tales. And I started that way.

The terms were very simple.

During the first week I was to act in micro-performances, joining the discussions of famous people on various forums. And for every person who would read my fairy-tale, I got a rouble.

The author told me that due to the effect of freshness I would get a thousand of clicks even being unskillful (excluding robots, of course) And he appeared to be right.

Although I had to take a weeks holiday (or a medical sertificate). There was a certain risk. But my wish to at least take a risk to try and change my life was too great.

Oh, I forgot to explain. To work on the territory of famous people it was obvious that I had to create accounts on facebook, twitter, livejournal, vk.com, and I don’t even remember, where else. You don’t have the slightest idea of the socials now. But in those days it was mostly from there that we got the propaganda of newspapers and TV.

Of course, I registered on all literary platforms and freelance sites. Because I understood that with my fairy-tale contract I should find more talented people who like myself wants to escape from the trap of a constant lack of money and from the life where everything is upside down.

The author didn’t lie, during the first day when I started at 9 a. m. and finished at 10 p. m. (with some breaks, of course) I got 800 clicks… Then I was so involved with “the play” that it came to 2 and 3 thousand of people. But it was settled that during the first week I don’t get more than 5000 roubles. By the end of the week I had lots of clicks and “likes”.

But as I didn’t go to work during that week, the most important thing for me was if I would or would not be paid. I was paid.

Then we discussed a two-month contract.

The aim of which was not only to get senseless “likes” and clicks but also through fairy-tales and micro-performances to attract the real supporters, who would be ready to

-         Tell about the fairy-tale

-         Help it with what he could

-         Make money on it.

And a great fun started.

I still earned little, but the main thing was that I understood that I could do anything and we finished the test-contract much earlier than we’d planned.

People were mostly shy, but I found co-actors for performances. We were so involved that both we and our readers had a great fun. The majority was still slow on the uptake. But one out of a thousand began to tell about the kissproject to everyone he/she knew, another out of a thousand helped us as a volunteer, and the journal improved and was translated into the languages of the world, and the investors were also coming.

Most people just laughed and invested a rouble or a dollar as a joke. But there were those who understood that we were not playing games. So, money came from the world for meeting the expenses of promotion and four more authors.

And we signed a year contract as a team. The work was the same but we started to get more money. First it was enough and then a sum of which we never dreamed. We didn’t critisise or blame anyone. The thing is that if there aren’t any sinless among the living, and if we were lucky enough to be in the proper place in the proper time, we would behave in the same way as the ruling classes and the stars that serve them.

We just entertained people with our fairy-tales, but not simply fairy-tales – they had a meaning. And people always pay for the entertainment (if the entertainment is sold cleverly).

We worked as hard as hard could be. And in a year we became national stars. And after three years we became world famous with the corresponding fees. Everyone disided for oneself what to spend the money on. Creative people and businessmen continued to come. With new fairy-tales we were quickly becoming richer and richer, we earned millions. But me, the author of the project and twenty or thirty more people earned at first millions and than milliards of dollars per month; still we kept some 20 thousand $ to ourselves (and this was a lot, because in the past we could only dream of such sums, we earned kopecks in comparison with that what we were getting now) But 20 thousand $ was enough for an honorable life, our families never refused themselves in anything they really needed.

All the rest was again and again invested in our fairy-tales…and one day we were invited for a serious conversation…

What we got in the end anyone can see. But that is a very different fairy-tale, Masha, run to your mum, the dinner must be ready and she’s waiting for you. Oh, and call my grandson, your father, I and the elder Mishka are going fishing. And the granddaughter ran to a small fairy-tale cottage, surrounded with flowers.


I believed the guy, because I wanted to believe, and to believe that I was born not without a reason, and was gifted, so I must have some chance to change my life. But I believed not because I wanted to simply believe someone. Believed, because the guy wrote everything of himself and what I checked on the web coinsided. It was also clear that such a project wouldn’t fly across the planet for so many years without a support from the top, and the main thing is that in the replacement of all bureaucrats by a computer there is not a separate profit of a person or a clan. And having paid loads of money to create kissproject, the author wouldn’t tell lies, steal or trip up for a trifle – it is simply unprofitable. And about great sums of money, which we were just going to earn together…no one of us knows how he will behave after becoming a star. To understand oneself one can only while going through the fire and the trumpets. I, like him, risked to experience both. It was difficult for both of us at first. But after a month of my personal hell I got an answer from at least one out of a thousand to begin with, no matter how difficult it was during the first two years – didn’t regret any more for even a minute.

It’s a Fairy Tale…

And who argues? But every fairy-tale has a hint…maybe some of the creative people or businessmen will understand that in the world in which technologies allow to control every word the idea of kissproject was shown more than 60 million times over the planet (the statistics and the project are open).

And those who would like to risk becoming fantastically rich making the fairy-tale the truth

You can contact me, commenting this post.

Or, if you know Russian, you can contact the author – Igor Liachenko

Skype – iglalisa

e-mail – kissproject.info@gmail.com

My name is Anna Kolesnikova. I am a nature-lover and I am for a Happy World for everyone on the planet Earth. I love to write and read. And we can have such a pleasure with a fairy-tale, with kissproject.

Be more brave with the fairy-tale and when you become fantastically rich only you would deside how to spend the extra money.
Русская версия статьи -    http://www.kissproject.info/2016/10/blog-post_21.html 

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