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Теория и пошаговая программа построения как всегда не равного, но впервые в истории справедливого общества которое устроит ВСЕХ

Любой честный проект строится по схеме: Цель; Ресурсы; Почему; Что; Как; Доказательства и все это в сути не более чем на одну/две страницы +...

We are women.

We - women - are born for happiness and to share this happiness with others. But what do we actually have? Now, concentrate and tell me, honestly:

You are a woman.
You are always in harmony with yourself and the world. You take care of yourself. You get pleasure from your favourite job. You spend a lot of time with your children and the best Man in the world. Your life is full of love and beauty. You feel yourself loved, cared for, the only one. In one word - you are happy.


You work 7 - 10 hours a day and spend 2 more hours on the way. You hurriedly kiss your sleepy children. Maybe you don't have any children at all: were always busy to think of creating your own family or failed to meet an honourable man for a serious relationship. Your bed is cold even if not empty. You noticed in the reflection in the mirror that a grey hair spoils your hairdo and felt that time is flowing away in vain like water through the fingers...

If the first variant suits you it's splendid. Then just wait, we'll talk just in a few minutes later. Because you have a good opportunity to make others happy too.

But if it's the second, I would like to ask you seriously: why? Do you really consider it all an inevitable evil? I'll tell you what: the times are changing more drastically than you think! And if you are ready to venture, if you really want to get rid of all your troubles and start living your own life, then, you are welcome to the "light" kissproject. It became possible to remove the main primary cause of the most of our troubles and in five years to begin living in the fairy-tale, and for creative and business women to shorten this transitional period for even a year. This all is absolutely serious. Those who want to understand the details should choose the other variant of kissproject. But you can stay in this variant as well, and use your intuition, common sense and wishes.

First of all, let's analyse the core of our mischiefs. As usual, we spend the best hours of our life working scarcely enjoying it even if it is the job we actually love. We state that our purpose is money: for necessary things, for bread and butter, for upbringing children (if we have them), for pleasing others... Besides, we want to look good and follow the fashion and not lag behind the others. As a result, we are exhausted and nervous and need extra cosmetics and medicine to conceal all the flaws...and need still more money, so we start to look for an extra job...
That's a real torchure for a human nature and we risk to grow old and helpless at the age of thirty...and we feel lonely and afraid of a rival or even worse...our husband is like an alien to us but we can't divorce for the financial matter...

While it's better to stop for a moment and think just a bit. By nature we, women, are all beautiful, our natural beauty is wonderful. We should live our own life and spend time with the people who matters to us. No need to resemble some glossy picture or someone's sisters.

And if we work enjoying the process for 3 - 4 hours a day and the rest of the time spend for hobbies and family, it even prolongs our youth. Be yourself and think of your own wishes and aims of life.

Don't be quick to state that it is impossible. Kissproject has a surprisingly good news for you.

This time an absolutely new true story is created in the world.

We work with the unheard of fairy-tales - "sale-tales" about how to build a new world that suits everyone. Before kissproject only "fun-tales" were created.

How come it is all true? Read further to find out.

Once some super powers (whatever we may choose to call them) created the world where everything is in harmony. Every particle of this world has its specific role. The sun gives light and warmness. The rain provides the water to the soil so that the plants can grow. The flowers blossom. We, women, are born to bring happiness to the world.

Now, I'm applying to everyone. The time has come for the great changes and what we are to do now is unite and act. Thanks to the developed technologies we have a chance to connect wherever we live and whoever we are. And the developed technologies make it possible to quickly and peacefully get rid of the main primary cause of all our troubles and build a peaceful friendly world without frontiers and serious illnesses, where no one tells any lies and stealth is unknown.

Does this idea seem to you odd, utopian, fairy-talish? That's it! The fairy-tale it is. And we together can turn this fairy-tale into a true story. Following three simple steps:

  1. Spread the word. Tell about kissproject to your family and friends, to your collegues and neighbours, to anyone you know in the socials and in real life. Pass on the fairy-tale baton.
  2. Support the project. Here the list is endless, because anything you can do will do. Volunteering, translations, literary elaboration, graphics, computer programming. Finding maecenatis, sponsors, investors. By the way, the money in the project is just the "tool", it is needed to pay for the work of the creatives; all specialists can be hired. And even if you are not rich, you can become a co-investor: investing one dollar you will profit and your money will be put to a good use. Remember the proverb of a pretty penny?
  3. And if you understand the idea and believe in it, if this idea speaks to your heart and like a sunbeam in a dark tunnel lights your way and helps to open your eyes - write about the project, shoot a film, publish a book, an article, a video, a song, anything (we will freely give you all the materials). And if you don't have creative skills but you are a businesswoman, joining in or on your own - act as a producer, maecenatis or co-investor of the fairy-tale, even if you have never done this before. For creative and business women it is a chance for self-realization, helping the world and even earning loads of money.
The secret here is that any creative work is a "sale-tale". The fairy-tale itself just tells a story not asking for anything. But out of the feeling of nobility the reader/spectator is sure to share something, as much as is affordable.

With the help of the developed technologies we can stay connected no matter in what part of the planet we may appear to be. Connectivity is a grand thing. And we can bring even more sense into it.

Some of us are still young and adventurous, haven't lost the belief in miracles. Some of us are adults and are apt to state the impossibility of any miracles.

Here I can confidently state thar the idea of kissproject is the one you can fearlessly believe. Kissproject has been flying over the planet since 2012, it is absolutely open and without any censorship. Milliards of dollars were invested into it. So, it's just must be serious.

Besides, if we remember history we'll see that any great ideas at the moment of their appearance were considered nonsense. But then new thoughts were gradually added to those ideas and they came to life and nowadays are just a part of our everyday life.

Well, it's the same with kissproject. It is already started, the supporters are found. The rest is up to us.

If you still need more proof - look it up in the other variant of kissproject. Or simply believe, because I do believe it.

We, women, are born for happiness and to share this happiness with others. We, women, bring happiness to the world. Kissproject is our chance: to find new friends and our best Men, to gain some new knowledge and share useful knowledge with others. Those who are quick on the uptake will surely manage to build their own business with the idea less than in a month.

Even such simple things like videos can gradually lead us to Hollywood.

To put it in a nutshell, kissproject means happiness, both giving and gaining, and it is a chance for the realization of any of our dreams.

If you have any questions, ideas, offers - write in the comments, to my e-mail LilyBeeBitter@yandex.ru or if you are in Russia and in Akhtubinsk you can phone me +79170987095 and be my guest. My name is Anna Kolesnikova.

If you know Russian you may contact Igor Liachenko - the author of the project: skype - iglalisa, e-mail - kissproject.info@gmail.com And if you are in Russia and St.Petersburg, you can be his guest, the Googlemap has the address.

There are a lot of ways of co-investing. You can transfer directly to the creative people who works with the tasks of kissproject or to the common fund of the project

yandex.money 410011096035349
megafon mobile phone +79217808975
city bank card 4193490086568005

Yes, you may think that it is unusual. But friends, it is your version of kissproject and your chance - as soon as we start, for a lot of you the changes will begin not after 5 - 10 years of the full realization of the project, but tomorrow or in a month - no kidding.

Let's stay connected with the kiss, sharing love and aiming at friendship.

Anna Kolesnikova, translator/writer of kissproject.

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