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Теория и пошаговая программа построения как всегда не равного, но впервые в истории справедливого общества которое устроит ВСЕХ

Любой честный проект строится по схеме: Цель; Ресурсы; Почему; Что; Как; Доказательства и все это в сути не более чем на одну/две страницы +...

A Kiss for a Writer. (A fairy-tale which tells how to earn with the copywright.)

The year was 2080. The Sun rose lazily ove the coast of a small green island. Zoya has just woken up, but has already managed to swim in her favourite bay and now was enjoying a cup of green tea with jasmine together with her husband, resting in the comfort of an open verandah in the middle of a beautiful blossoming garden. The garden swirled like a serpantine round the rock - the only one on the island. It was Zoya's hundredth birthday today. Below, in about a kilometre's distance from the hill with a beacon-house, there was a landing platform. Something was definitely going on there right now. the first group of friends and relatives, all of them of different ages and appearance. Zoya watched them and heard joyful laughter from time to time. She roamed her eye over the land and spoke quietly:
 - We might not be having all this.
 - Nothing might be. - sighed the man into her ear.

In a couple of hours not even slightly similar boys and girls appeares on the terrace and surrounded their dear granny. Zoya told those so differently-looking children, all her great-grandchildren, about the life of people during the hard times of crisis. She told them about how most of the population suffered from the need to waste their life for paying for their existance, to let a small "elite" group rest in luxury.
 - People lived that way for centuries and got used to it, they got used to disasters and cruelty. And the cause of all disasters was the same. It's just our nature, that almost any person, with even a little power (authority), sooner or later starts using it for one's own profit. But nothing is endless and there came times when the developed technologies gave people an alternative: to be burnt in the fire of nuclear weapons or refuse one's vanity and wars. That is why, in order to stay alive, people ventured a thing, inconceivable for their comprehension: gave the controlling function to the Main Computer (the Server), cancelled most of the bureaucrats and unpacked hydrogen energy and other scientifically-technological things for everyone to use. And the control over the server was trusted to the Incorruptible Hundred, found in a thorough search and tested not by the word but by the deed. A lot of things have changed since then. The world is very different now.

Indeed, by the time of this conversation a lot of things have changed. Everyone worked according to his interests, 3 - 4 hours a day, spending the rest of the time enjoying the life in a way each of them individually understood. There were no states, all war conflicts stopped, the frontiers were opened, so, there were no need of keeping an army - an absolutely ineffective and senseless means of control.

All world currencies were replaced by a single electronic one, which didn't depend on states or banks, was available to everyone everywhere. People began to settle over the planet, they weren't attracted by huge cities any more. But each of them had a solid house, land, food, clothes and everything that is really necessary for an honourable life. And Zoya was telling how this fairy-tale became a true story. She was one of those, thanks to whom the changes became possible, the changes that suited absolutely everyone.

In the evening, when the main celebration was over and the family members wandered in various directions, Zoya was walking, very close to the ocean, in a company of one of her great grandaughters and her fiance. She met the lad for the first time. Hos name was Toland.

 - Zoya, please, could you tell me how you became the world famous writer and one of the richest women of the planet?

 - As if you do not know. - Zoya smiled.

 - Of course, I do. As well as anyone on the Earth. But it's worth while hearing it from you personally. - the lad insisted. His interest was genuine. It's not an everyday chance to talk to a person, who managed to change for the better the world for herself, her family and friends, all people.

Zoya told him:

 - One day I came across an unusual task for authors in the Internet. I read, looked through, considered and thought: "What a wonderful idea is the Kiss. I have never seen a better variant of quickly and peacefully putting everything from head to feet. One can write of it, it's a perfect topic. And the customer promises fame and Hollywood. He must have a good sense of humour. It's appealing but so fairy-talish. Or.?." You see, I was one of those who sees one's own life as a work of art. I still like experimenting with myself and watching the results. So, someone's life is a short story, for another it is a novel. I wanted a fairy-tale for myself.

Unexpectedly, kissproject appeared to be not a utopia, but a chance for gifted people. The chance usually doesn't come to everyone. It's vice versa with "The Kiss" - the chance is for everyone. Why so? It's almost impossible to become world-famous without a back-up from influential people and not possessing great sums of money. It's easy to do having both, but what the others should do? And who needs such "artificial stars"? Most of them just muddle people and get money with their lies, very large sums. I wanted a lot of money too, but didn't want to fool anybody, that's not my cup of tea. I wanted to be an interesting person and do nothing beside communicating different people, watch the society and arrange the words on the paper. But in those days I was busy solving another problem - to "feed" my family - and couldn't devote all my time to writing. Anyway, I decided to get aquainted with the strange customer. In the project, he wrote enough about himself, and I understood that deceiving writers was not of interest to him - it's too small-minded and unprofitable. But a world-famous fairy-tale is a different thing. He spent all his time, energy and money for kissproject. A question: what for? Definitely not from having nothing to do. So, he must have something to bring the idea to life. That means we can believe. And so it was.

Firstly, he knew how to act. Secondly, no one prevented him from acting. Absolutely no one of those who could do so. Just the other way round. To make the fairy-tale project available for people, he was allowed to use the most effective information platforms in the world. So, someone needed it. Someone Important and Powerful. Otherwise the idea of kissproject wouldn't be allowed to fly across the planet. Besides, the proofs were given.

But for me personally it was enough that I want to live in a different world, and the fairy-tale of "The Kiss" corresponded to this world more than anything. And if there were me, there should be others like me. And I wanted to meet them.

Talking like this they reached a place which was simultaneously a village, a diversity club, a fashionable resort. All young writers, filmmakers, architects and other imaginative persons from all over the world came here for experience and inspiration. They socialized with each other. Our friends sat on big swings viewing the ocean and Zoya went on:

 - More likely, it was just intuition, that I decided to have a try. If I fail, I will still have the experience. And if I succeed... What else should I analyse? To start the way it was necessary to get the gist of the project and see this way for oneself. To prove the understanding, one had to write and publish a fairy-tale contract with the Producer Center in the journal of "The Kiss". It was necessary to present in a literary form each of the fourteen points described in the task, the number of symbols - 5 - 10 000. The fairy-tale had one more aim - to find other writers, because going to Hollywood all together is more fun and a lot easier.

Then I had to write three more fairy-tale versions of "The Kiss":

- a simple version for those who think in a simple way

- for those who can and want to think

- for businessmen quick on the uptake, because through investing the idea was easily turned into real money, rather large sums.

The fairy-tales were very different, but they had something in common:

- they explained, why the readers needed them

- they told the readers, why the changes became possible

- there were answers to the questions: "What one should do?" and "How it should be done?"

- they explained, why we can believe the project and its author

While working with the fairy-tales I had a lot of questions. But the customer was always ready to answer them. It was easy that way. The authora were paid for these fairy-tales - 100 roubles for 1000 symbols. For those days it was a good price for a copywright. And so, with these four fairy-tales we communicated with people. How? Via socials, of course. I created accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Livejournal, Instagram, vk.com. There were all those who was tired of television.

Then, the real work started. Each day I spent in the Internet, entertaining the public by microperformances together with other writers. Because the people believe in what they see and remember the performer. We came to the forums of famous people and in the comments offered them to join or earn with "The Kiss", or tell their opinion of the project. One made suggestions, another asked "why not?", the third wrote how to solve problems with "The Kiss". Although we were merry, without pathos or critisism, the "stars" often banned us. But sometimes not. At first, not the star but the admirers were involved in such microperformances and told others about the new fairy-tale. Because it was interesting for them. We didn't critisise anyone. We were just ironical, entertaining the public hanging around in the search of fun. We were promoting ourselves and our fairy-tales. Surprisingly, it happened by itself.

The aim of this work was to make at least 1 out of a 1000 to follow at least one of the 3 steps to the peaceful change of their lives of all people for the better. The steps were in the fairy-tales. The work was considered fulfilled if one got 3000 readers of his fairy-tales per week. We were paid once a week. During this period (2 - 3 months) those of us who needed it were paid by the producer center. But the terms of a test contract were discussed with each author individually. A full-time job with a rouble for a reader turned into 20 - 30 thousands per month.

 - Not much, - noted Toland.

 - Well, that depends. Firstly, it was the everage income of a freelancer. Secondly, it became more fun further on. After two months I began earning on the fairy-tale, it was stable. And when all expenses for promotion were met, the producer center offered me a year contract. We discussed the terms and started to work. In fact, to earn my first million I had to make 1 out of a 1000 talk, just as usual.

Toland asked:

 - Did you do this yourself? Wasn't it easier to divide creation and promotion?

Zoya answered:

The rules of life to which people got used to rooted so deeply in people's minds, that it was useless to act directly. That is why we needed fairy-tales. That is why the writers needed a personal contact of writers with the subconsciousness of people. The public opinion was formed by popular persons whom the ordinary ones wanted to resemble. Every day milliards were invested in this. We didn't have them, neither had the producer center. So, we needed to unite the resources of people who liked the fairy-tale about a quick and peaceful escape from the crisis. And for that we first of all should tell everyone about the fairy-tale suggestion. If I and my teammates were famous people would accept the idea of Paradise for sinners immediately. But we weren't famous, still it was necessary to plant the alternative way out of a crisis in the minds of a crowd. On the other hand, if we were stars, we would be afraid of losing what we have, wouldn't risk. And we had nothing to lose. That is why it were we who started to promote the only program of ending the crisis, promoting ourselves. And that is why we used microperformances, which became a very interesting routine.

But it was not for long. Soon, each of us began earning so much that could devote ourselves to creativity and earn with it. Some became a favourite writer, films-bestsellers were shoot about their fairy-tales. In different ways, but after 1 - 3 years everyone was pleased. There were those who just took the idea and earned with it on their own. We welcomed such an approach. Kind popularity attracts money. But one's personality is told not by the way they earn but by the way they spend. Most clear-minded started to invest their extra money into the fairy-tale.

 - Zoya, what do you think, why it worked and your fairy-tale became true? - Toland asked.

 - Our team was talented, - the writer smiled and added, - but seriously, the technologies developed to the necessary level and the game were permitted for us by everyone, who might give a permission at that moment. We with our talent found ourselves in a proper place on a proper time by chance. Though, maybe not by chance. Besides, most people by that time got tired of their troubles and wanted to believe in a fairy-tale with a happy ending.

 - Granny, tell me, what happened in the world then, - aske granddaughter.

Zoya returned from her memories and answered with a smile:

 - I will, my dear, but not now. I need some solitude for a bit.

The End.
From Ellina Avdonina, the author of the fairy-tale:
So, this is the fairy-tale, friends. Maybe, not a fairy-tale. Maybe not an ideal one, but I will keep trying. If there is one chance out of a million, one should try. There is nothing risky or unpleasant.
I am very interested what you personally think about the fairy-tale Kiss and about this fairy-tale. Maybe you have a possible alternative of avoiding being burnt with our families in the nearest future? Maybe you know how to become a rich writer quicker and easier? Please, leave all your thoughts about this in the comments - it is very interesting to know your opinion about that.
As for my own part, I thought of kissproject as an opportunity to "practice writing" using the topic that spoke to my heart, so that in future I could finish a book (handwritten, so far) which I believe is useful for people. And when I got the gist I understood that this is just my fairy-tale. The one of which everyone dreams since the childhood, trying to find out what he/she was born for, what is his/her personal purpose in this World. And when you guess "what?" you need to understand "how?". Thus, I know "what?" and the Kiss knows "how?", that is why I am in the project. And also because I want to firstly - live, secondly - live in freedom and material well-being. I want to do what I am fond of doing and get for this the amount of money, enough not to think about them. I want my children and grandchildren to live in a beautifully organized, honest and safe world. And so that there is a possibility to make this real, I want to be a part of it.
So, having studied the project, think it over:
Is the idea THAT fairy-talish?
What will be with me and my family if the fairy-tales of the Kiss are true?
Why did the Kiss appear just now? Who let it out?
What is the secret of Joan Rowlings books? Can't I do the same? What if it is the very chance?
Our team invites other teammates. It is not as scary as it may seem at first, it's just fun.
Don't be afraid! We'll help! You just try!
Two of the three steps are possible for everyone.
From Anna Kolesnikova, the translator of this fairy-tale:
The idea of Paradise on the Earth for sinners spoke to my heart at the very beginning. And the works of my friends are always an extra inspiration for me, so I can't help translating them. Ellina is a talented writer and a very motivated girl, so I believe that she succeeds on her part.
Now just a bit of thinking/talking. Well, you clearly know each of us is born with some talent (a writer, a cook, a carpenter, a painter). But so far it frequently happens that we do not what we really want and live someone else's life even without noticing it.
But in the world of the modern developed technologies we could really live our own life to the full doing exactly the thing we were born for, disclosing our main talent. What we need for that is perfectly seen from the fairy-tale.
First of all, we should try and build a small Paradise on the earth for ourselves (for our families and friends). Here the fairy-tale helps. But in our interests is as well to do our best to give the project a great go. Becoming a co-investor or finding a volunteer is the best thing you can do. Co-investing is a benefit to you as well.
The common fund of the project is:
yandex.money 4100110960353349
megafon mobile phone +79217808975
city bank card 4193490086568005
Or you can transfer directly to me: yandex.money 410014357187355
The sum can vary, you just invest what you can afford. And if we manage to collect the necessary sum, we can go to some wonderful place all together and work there for the film for the fairy-tale and then who knows maybe reach hollywood and from there and fame lots of roads in the life will be open to us and with that the whole world will start to live a happy life where everyone's life is one's own.
If you have any questions,
You can contact me via comments or via skype, my e-mail is LilyBeeBitter@yandex.ru and my mobile phone is +79170987095. If you are in Russia, visit me in Akhtubinsk, Astrakhan Region, my address is 43, 4, Tsiolkovsky Street. If you know Russian, you can speak to the author of the project himself - Igor Liachenko - he lives near St.Petersburg
To have a better understanding of the project you can look through VARIOUS VERSIONS OF THE PROJECT and start acting together with the project or on your own freely taking all the materials.
Good luck.
Anna Kolesnikova, the translator/writer of Paradise on the Earth for sinners

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