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Теория и пошаговая программа построения как всегда не равного, но впервые в истории справедливого общества которое устроит ВСЕХ

Любой честный проект строится по схеме: Цель; Ресурсы; Почему; Что; Как; Доказательства и все это в сути не более чем на одну/две страницы +...

Technologies+"gingerbread"+responsibility=Paradise on The Earth for almost everyone

Once there was the first crisis, but the calculations tell that right in front of our eyes the last crisis is developing. If we pass through it, then in millions of years of happy life people will forget a lot but not the names of those, who a long time ago found five minutes and then, supported only by their intuition, at the very start, ventured to believe the fairy-tale.
As it is, below is the business offer for everyone, and firstly, for creative and business people. But taking into account the total propaganda, so far it's useless to speak about business without the synopsis of the fairy-tale, so, let me start with it:

The center of the plot is a family which, as well as the majority of other families, has lots of unsolvable problems. I ask you, let's agree that postphoning of the denouement as well as replacing one problem by the other will not be considered a solution...

Wife comes home. A button on her blouse is torn off, her lip is bleeding. Husband, holding a baby, watches her. The woman absentmindedly gets out of the pocket of her business suit her torn tights, throws them into the wastepaper basket. The baby begins to cry. Wife, without a word, takes off her jacket and takes the baby. The man, having already understood everything, mechanically asks her: "What's the matter?" The woman silently slaps his cheek forcefully and bursts out crying. She went to a job interview to a prestigious company, she has already passed two of them, but today at the last one with the manager she had a problem.
Husband after a bankrupt for several months has been trying to find a profitable job or start up a business, but he failed - they live in the time of crisis. There is a job but the supposed salary will not be enough for even a payment of the currency credit which they took several years ago, when everything seemed to be so stable.

Husband and wife put the baby to bed and a small human being falls asleep, unaware of global problems. And the married couple sit silently in the kitchen while the TV set, just as usual, murmures about the successful struggle with corruption and about the achievement and success of the developments in the world.
Suddenly the electricity is off, the water is off, the heating starts to cool down and they understand that the week given by the judges for the moving out is ending. People are desterate because they don't see any way out of the situation.

The next morning.
Suddenly the light switches on in the flat, there is a noise of running water in the bathroom, the heating is back, the TV set switches on on its own. All channels are broadcasting something fantastic: some organization of volunteers is stating that everyone on the Earth not by chance knows both variants of the way out of the current crisis. So, they worked out a computer program, installed it into all computers on the planet, and from the todays morning the whole World lives according to just one law, which can be shortly formulated as: "Do what you wish, but if you do damage to somebody or do something to the prejudice of somebody, you compensate it at once and with everything that you have, including your life."
One after the other, men and women of various ages, with different colour of their skin, among which there are unknown or famous people, dressed carelessly: in sweaters, suits and even shorts/trunks, from the studios and from the mountains, forests, yachts in the ocean, small boats on the lakes, from the beaches - all those people are stating: "In order that this common law for everyone come into force, we blocked most of the state institutions, cancelled taxes, abolished frontiers."

It is perfectly obvious that the people are not reading out someone's prewritten texts, but in the online transmission all by themselves explain everything in details and answering any questions offer that everyone checked their computer...
The husband and wife think that it is a joke. Nevertherless they switch on their computer and see strange things: the for a long time unpaid-for wi-fi started functioning and on the screen there is a detailed information about themselves. The flat bought on credit, the abandoned garage in a town where the husband used to work once, mother's hut that is completely fallen apart (poor mother died several years ago, what a grief!) and debts, debts, debts. Taxes, electricity,water,heating, connection, credit cards, some unpaid fines..., it turnes out that for the garage and the hut the taxes are charged and fines for everything... They see the pension fund that doesn't really exist because it has been robbed long ago.
And in the corner of the screen there is an offer to check ANYONE. Out of curiosity they type some fames...and get a shock: on their account, via men of straw, there are milliards, lots of palaces, yachts and other luxury. Where from and what for?
After this the husband and wife understand that they really can check anyone they want - everything is in the open access. They now clearly see the horrifying picture of the financial inequality and understand how rotten is the existing system.
It is obvious that the actual data of the most rich people on the planet don't coincide with the incom. And everything that is earned by hard work is highlighted red, with the explanation that it means - "Reserved." No one takes away nothing, but one is allowed to use only the sum that an avarage statistical Earth person has, all the rest is reserved for a year, to be used in case of the need of the compensation of a damage.

This is an absolutely new program of the worldsettlement that doesn't allow any exclusion of the hard and fast rule - "The gingerbread is fully connected with the responsibility." And among those who worked out and realized the grand program there are very rich and influential people, who on their own reserved their own actives for a year too.
The reservation was not in vain, it's obvious from the view of the monitor: millions/milliards/thrillions (it turnes out that even such fortunes do exist) are "melting" quickly, because in the world there are lots of unsolved problems, but there have always been people responsible for them. But if before in case of crimes, terroristic acts, catastrophes, fallings of planes, medical mistakes...the long-time investigations were to follow, and even if the guilty were found, they were actually just "pointers", who could compensate nothing. And everything finished with moral satisfaction with someone's imprisonment (and the one who suffered "feeding" the prisoner)...

Now everything is settled just by the principle: "The leader starts to answer, immediately giving for the financial compensation everything that he has himself. And then he compensates the payments making demands to his subordinates, also immediately. And so it proseeds like this from top to the grounds."
The couple guess why there is light, water, why the modem works. The stolen started to return.
Of course, those who were on "sweet" posts, try to save their actives and escape, hide, disappear. But that is impossible, because the common server online follows the balance of each person and company on the planet, comparing it with the balance of the whole current civilization. First of all it is necessary to close cases, liquidate corruptional businesses, return the stolen/robbed. In this case any person will have only the sum that is enough for the first time to start the new honest life. One may not do all this, but then everything is lost, and if there is not enough for the compensation of the damage that one caused to others, there is only one way - to the penal servitude. Strict. But there is no blood for blood's sake. Because almost everyone has stolen once. Some - the machines that made the world's money, others - just paper-clips. Willy-nilly everyone agrees with the new rules of the game and start the new life anew.
Fools wail helplessly remembering the old times. But the clever ones understand they are the winners, because they had the real knowledge how to create. Vanity was replaced by safe world.

Chaos and panic, that start at first, end quickly. Just in several days the problems with corruption and crime are solved...to go on deceiving and do everything carelessly is senseless. The move of values is controlled. And if a person who didn't earn them with the hard work suddenly gets them, they are withdrawn and returned to the owner. And the "clever man" has to pay per cents for the quick investigations (from this the new staff lives).

It is important to state that no one prevents enrichment. No one, hiding behind beautiful words, takes away nothing of the honestly earned wealth to divide among themselves or the others. Those, who want, work hard, as usual. And new/old rich people, who started anew, creating, are useful to the society and move the progress.
Everyone understands that the time of absolute responsibility for one's own actions has come. So, there are no pretensions to the quality of goods and services. The wars and conflicts stopped. Poverty and most serious illnesses ceased. Everyone got the opportunity to work according to one's ability and wish. Besides, the personal predisposition was taken into account. So, all got the opportunity for self-realization, if the one does it in accord with the single and clear to everyone law.
As soon as the artificial barriers were done away with, it turned out, that on the planet among all society groups, including pathological lazy-bones, alcoholics and drug-takers, there are a lot of interesting people, who early just failed to follow the system, even because they couldn't or didn't want to flatter.

And in a few years no one remembered where from there suddenly came so many gifted and geniuses that there was such a quick appearance of not-falling-planes, "unbreakable" automobiles with a very economizing use of petrol, medicines that cure and unexhaustible sources of energy.
All mass media no longer cultivate the aim of life as the chase for vanity, don't produce obvious lies, they tell only about what really happens and what people really need. Such simple action, just in a few months to a great degree lowered the level of anxiety, grabbery and aggression. Without the "plundering" taxes it turned out that with the modern technologies everything that people really need is cheep and accessible for any person. The majority of all Earthpeople don't have to work hard 24 hours a day and monthly/yearly save money for the things they didn't really need. That's enough to devote to work two/three hours per day and all the rest of the time spend according to one's own interests, with friends and family. And it turned out that time could be spent not in traffic jams and offices, but singing, dancing, drawing, painting, kissing, playing chess or dominos or football, fishing, growing flowers and even picking one's nose* for days on end. It turned out that very good neighbours live close by and it is very interesting to sit and chat with them, sipping tea with lemon or milk lazily... (* it is important that doing nothing if you don't cause damage to anybody doesn't prevent anyone from finding one's sweetheart and the occasionally crossed genes can give birth to a genius in the current or in some of the next generations... And maybe it is our closest aim to give everyone in the world without frontiers a chance to love one another, taking into account the fact that the abilities and talents of any baby of a homo sapiens are cultivated, developed and not vice versa).

People didn't any more have to pretend those who they really weren't and be in a constant chase after a thing they don't really need in a constant stress that caused quarrels with the darlings... With the end of the stress there came love and each creature in the world is born with a couple. (So many singles were before, even when living together, out of habit, not having a wish/opportunity to divide/change property.)
Children weren't anymore made obedient servants with knowledge most of which they would never really use in life. After a test for gifts, as soon as a little human being learned how to read and write, each of them was given only the useful knowledge and skills. What would a ballerina use abstract mathematics for?..
For old people and disabled there now was enough pension from the existing funds from which no one could steal anything anymore. And to those who before being still energetic used to spend the rest of their lives in front of TV, now got the new saturated life. It turned out that for old people there are a lot of useful and possible works for which they are respected and well-paid. So, those, who wished, were able to afford the pleasures of which the majority could before only dream watching the telly.
All attempts to return to the previous system fail. People all over the world understood that for the first time in the course of history the slavery doesn't exist in word and deed. So, they stand up for their freedom at the very slightest attempt of returning to the old schemes. For centuries there was one principle - divide and rule. But in the new world the majority of people united. And that means that even a very strong and guileful enemy doesn't have any chances to turn the wheel of history backwards.

Very quickly the new suitable for the majority of the inhabitants of the planet, organization of the world started to form. The organization of the world where there is no material equality, because all people are born with different gifts. But everyone understands on account of what the inequality forms. And the new inequality is very slight, not that tremendous as before, if to count honestly.
Without taxes and artificial obstacles people started to have everything that is needed for a peaceful and happy life, in which any problem is quickly solvable, or one can accept the grief as a part of one's fate (for instancce, death due to an old age of a family member or a friend).

There is harmony. Sort of a paradise on sinners is created on the Earth. Is it really for everyone? Of course, not. No miracles exist. So, there will be hell as well. But also here and now. Also on the Earth. And for only a few. Penal servitude is guaranteed for those, who, having everything that a reasonable human needs, decided to break the common law or broke it accidentally...
This time everything was done on time, before the collapse of the world financial pyramid, that would produce panic and chaos, which without an announcement would have started the next world war - the NUCLEAR one, in the fire of which five or seven milliards of people would have died. Thus, the current civilization would have learned the second variant of the way out of the current crisis, and those who would have survived in some caves would have started everything anew up to the predetermined result about which everyone have heard from the very beginning refusing to believe its seriousness.
And why do the powers that created us need this result? We don't know it for sure, we can only guess. But our descendants will know it in millions of years. Living untroubled they will forget the lot, but never the names of those who ventured and helped the transition of quantitative level of development of civilization.
And what about our couple? You should have understood. Of course, they found a worthy job right near their house and lived a long and happy life.

Only for the sake of Part Three the above two-step preface is needed. In Part Three it is necessary to write so that at least one out of a thousand of those who got the story would not only read and "like" it, but started to act with the project.
There are three actions: To tell everyone about the fairy-tale solving of all problems. If there is a gift - for money or as a volunteer, using syn or brief, to write/shoot one's own version of the "fairy-tale". With an affordable co-investing help to write/shoot and then publish/show the fantasy about the replacement of the bureaucrat by a server which makes it possible in just several years to build a Paradise on sinners on the Earth, with the beforehand known alternative (only the fire will be not with devils/frying-pans but the real fire of the world nuclear war.
The details and proofs can be found in various versions of the project that can be found in the links

Concerning investments. If it is more than a thousand of dollars, it is better to discuss everything, so that the money work according to your preferences. Everything that is less you can transfer to the common fund (yandex.money 410011096035349) or directly to me (yandex.money 410014357187355) All questions and suggestions can be discussed openly in the comments or via skype - my e-mail is LilyBeeBitter@yandex.ru This fairy-tale is absolutely new, so a genius of cinematography or literature can surely make it a masterpiece.

Anna Kolesnikova, the translator/writer of Paradise on the Earth for sinners

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