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Теория и пошаговая программа построения как всегда не равного, но впервые в истории справедливого общества которое устроит ВСЕХ

Любой честный проект строится по схеме: Цель; Ресурсы; Почему; Что; Как; Доказательства и все это в сути не более чем на одну/две страницы +...

Some science fiction that can lead us to the non-fictional mutual benefit.

- f 2 = f 1
Counteraction equals action...
Clever people led the civilization to the World CRISIS and now only Fools, talented Sci-Fi-writers and adventurous Investors can Save the World.
That's how a trailer of a coming film or a promotion of a would-be-published book could sound. The point is that "The Sci-Fi True Story" is happening right now and with us. But if we spare a minute for reading and think a bit and then not just sit and stare but move a little, it all can develop in a way to our mutual profit (both material and spiritual).

On the Earth there actually are not a few clever people, but for some reason they at times happen to behave uncleverly. We will try to explain this.

The calculations showed that the majority of problems of rich and poor Earthpeople have one cause and it became in all senses possible to quickly remove it. But everyone, including clever and rich people, either do nothing or replace one problem by the other. Not an easy thing it is to persuade anyone to venture without venturing. Nevertherless, I will do my best to make at least some of you to just give it a try.

Into the sweet lulling of the propaganda milliards of bucks have been being invested every day for thousands of years. And the laws of Physics are unimplorable. So, in order that at least someone start thinking with his own mind, and having thought - acting, into the unlulling the astronomical sums should be being invested for at least three years. The very top do have them, but they will not give them (even drawing money on paper, one can stand firmly only on the solid ground), but they gave the permission to collect the money for our mutual benefit!

When the consciousness is blocked, no arguments, logics or calculations can be a supporter (no one just looks at them). So, the search and involvement of those who is interested can be realized only with the help of the fairy-tale/fantasy which would directly apply to the subconsciousness/intuition.

At the end of this article there are links to some of my articles and fairy-tales. And I really hope that some of you will use them for your personal profit, not just read and talk. You can choose a fairy-tale to your taste, if necessary, ask any questions without ceremonies, and then act, only three steps separate you from the fairy-tale world:

  1. Spread the word that there is a fairy-tale about how, in five years and three steps, by the whole world, an unseen ever before society is built. A society without: frontiers, wars, crimes, taxes, serious illnesses, vanity, arrogance, airs, disasters, poverty. A society where every creature has got a couple, and for one night or the whole life people decide by means of love.
  2. According to your abilities join the "fairy-tale". Volunteering, useful aquaintances, translations, literary elaboration, graphics, computer programming, the help in promotion...it is hard to innumerate everything that will be of use.
Any specialists can be hired. So, if you can, become a co-investor of the fairy-tale, let it be a dollar, a hundred/million of bucks - it doesn't matter! Everything will be put to a practical use. The decision of what amount to invest is up to you.

SPECIFYING: not "help"/"donate", but invest the sum and time you are ready to venture with.

If the "fairy-tale project" is realized, you and your family will get everything back with a fantastic profit.
And if not?
As the technologies have two sides, in the case of failure no one will need the money...

3. If you are a gifted business and/or creative person, you can, freely taking the gist or any intermediates and ready fairy-tales of the project, together with kissproject or on your own, creating and selling "the fantasy", to the mutual benefit of all Earthpeople, earn as much as you have never dreamed of, turning your own life into a true fairy-tale.

Everything is fair.
Yes, me too, for my own personal purpose, am trying to earn with the fairy-tale (as well as the author of the project). But now, the project with all the materials we give to everyone for free. (And it is not difficult to find out that a high in all senses price has been paid for this project once. All information is open, because the author clearly understands what he involves himself into and wrote about everything.) And as the fairy-tale doesn't promote any persons or clans, your profit equals mine or that of the author of the project.

The details are variable, but if on the whole the scale of the threat and the program of how to prevent this threat were untrue, then, in the world where every word is controlled the fairy-tale of Paradise on the Earth for sinners would not have been flying all over the planet since 2012, and we would have never known of it not even having the chance to try and venture to improve our life in an unusual way.

A fairy-tale for writers
The theory and the program of actions summed up on one page
A version for women
Light version for everyone

Read, think, ask any questions, if necessary, let's argue in the original of the journal which is in all senses without any censorship.

And as soon as you grasp the understanding or believe it all - ACT according to your abilities and capabilities.

My name is Anna Kolesnikova. My e-mail is LilyBeeBitter@yandex.ru by which you can find me in skype. If you happen to be in Russia, you are welcome to visit me: 43, 4, Tsiolkovsky Street, Akhtubinsk, Astrakhan Region. For any case my mobile phone is +79170987095. If you know Russian, a conversation with Igor Liachenko - the author of the project and its main investor - maybe of interest to you too (kissproject.info@gmail.com , skipe - iglalisa , and google maps have a point home kissproject for his St.Petersburg address).

There are several ways of co-investing. More than a thousand of dollars should be, of course, discussed, so that you are sure that the money work according to your preferences. But any other sum that is less than that can be transferred either to the common fund or directly to the people who work with kissproject, anyone who want give the information in their articles/ fairy-tales.

So, here's the common fund:
yandex.money 410011096035349
megafon mobile phone +79217808975
city bank card 4193 4900 8656 8005

And here's directly to me:
yandex.money 410014357187355

The Fairy-Tale of the Life of the Chosen can really become a True Story for Everyone. It is just the beginning.

Anna Kolesnikova, a writer/translator of Paradise on the Earth for sinners

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